Does Honkai Star Rail Have An Inverted Camera Option?

More comfortable with an inverted control on the camera? Find out here if you can change to an inverted camera in Honkai Star Rail.

If you are an inverted controls player, you might want to change it to an inverted camera in Honkai: Star Rail. Despite the camera being locked in its turn-based combat system, you can still look around with your camera outside of combat. It is really uncomfortable for a player that plays inverted as that’s just how they instinctively act only to find out it’s not inverted. In such a case they often immediately change the camera to inverted. If you are an inverted player then let’s find out if you can invert your camera in this game.

Is Inverted Camera Option there in Honkai Star Rail?

invert camera honkai star rail

Unfortunately, if you are looking for an inverted camera option in Honkai: Star Rail, it does not exist currently. This has been a common issue even in the previous Hoyoverse title; Genshin Impact. Many fans have been asking for it but somehow it never arrives. It may be a possibility that they add it later on in the life cycle of the game.

However, due to the turn-based nature of this game, it is still quite manageable to play without inverted camera controls. When you enter a combat encounter in Honkai: Star Rail, the camera stays locked in its own state. This is based on which character is playing their turn and for cutscenes during ultimate moves.

So, even if you are an inverted camera player, you should still give it a shot. This is because the camera moment only comes into play when exploring the world outside combat. Not having an inverted camera won’t put you at a disadvantage like other real-time combat games.

That is all there is to know about Honkai: Star Rail having an inverted camera. If you still decide to play the game and seem to enjoy it, you might want to learn how to farm Stellar Jade in Honkai Star Rail and know the best characters through our Honkai Star Rail character tier list.