Tower Of Fantasy: Interstellar Exploration Password For Bomb Defusal

Know about the Interstellar Exploration Password to defuse the Bomb in Tower of Fantasy.

Recently, a new Road of Strife event was introduced that will occur from September 1 to September 15. Players can participate in this event and complete the given objectives to earn Star Grit. Moreover, you can exchange Star Grit for rewards in the event shop known as the Aidan Black Market. This event is divided into three phases which are the Orienteering, Stellarway Divergence, and the Doubles Mega Arena. In the second phase, you have to display your combat and mental skills to complete the quest. Interstellar Exploration is the mode wherein you have to defeat the enemies in order to get codes to defuse a bomb. Know more about the Interstellar Exploration in Tower of Fantasy to get the password for Bomb Defusal.

Interstellar Exploration Password for Bomb Defusal in Tower of Fantasy

Interstellar Exploration Password for Bomb Defusal in Tower of Fantasy

There are red-colored Star Gates located on the map through which the quest begins. Defeat three waves of enemies under a certain time limit and defuse the bomb. Although, here’s how to get the Interstellar Exploration password in ToF:

  • As you enter the Star Realm, the quest will begin. Further, you’ll notice there are three pillar-like objects on the field.
  • After defeating the enemies in each wave, the pillar will be replaced by a one-digit code.
  • Later, when you complete all three waves, all three of those pillars will be replaced by three, one-digit codes.
  • You have to try those one-digit codes to form a three-digit password to defuse the bomb.
  • For example, if the three, one-digit codes are 1,2, and 3, then you have to try all the possible combinations. One successful combination will defuse the bomb.
  • In this case, the combination will be 123,132,321,312,231,213.

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That’s how to obtain the Interstellar Exploration password for bomb defusal in Tower of Fantasy. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other ToF guides.

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