Anthem Interceptor Gear: All Exclusive, Masterwork and Legendary Gears Guide

Interceptor is the Ninja Assassin type Javelin Suit, popular for its speed in Anthem. Speed is the real power of Interceptor and it is ideal for those who do not like camping. Aggressive player who loves to hit the enemy first can board this Javelin and without wasting second stun enemies. In this guide, you will learn about Interceptor’s Exclusive Component, Strike System, Assault System, and Support Gear.

All Interceptor Exclusive Component, Strike System, Assault System, and Support Gear

Interceptor can end and start its flight instantly, you can change direction and dodge incoming attacks at a faster rate. The Javelin Suit is not for beginners.

Interceptor Exclusive Components:

  • Elusive Talisman: Perform Triple Dash to reload your equipped weapon.
  • Talisman of Power: 50% Boost in Damage of Assault System Gear for 5 seconds after you hit enemies with Strike System gear.

Interceptor Exclusive Strike System:

  • Sudden Death (Tempest Strike): See a flame explosion after attacking the enemy.
  • Sanadeen’s Respite (Plasma Star): 5% Shield Restore once you hit the enemy on their weak point.

Interceptor is the fastest class and hard to master, but it is a suit that can surely reward you tons of action and excitement. Riding this suit is a roller-coaster ride. The suit performs various stunts and confuses enemies. Intercept is best when you attack the enemy from a close range, so you need to be on the ground always. Selecting the best guns is necessary, you will be always close to enemies so experimenting using Interceptor is always a risky option.

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