All Intel Location In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

Collecting Intel in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare not only gives you a trophy to show off but it also grants you the ability to activate cheats and dictate the game. Try using this cheats for CoD Mordern Warfare Remastered to enchance your gameplay. Here is the list of all 30 Intel Laptop Location in CoD.

CoD MW Remastered Intel laptops Location

Crew Expendable

  •  As you make your way down to the boat, you will find a few steps, go there where you will encounter a drunk soldier, kill him and in a room beside to him you will see a bunk bed. Search around and you will find your first laptop.
  •  As soon as you find yourself in a hallway with red lights and a teammate throws a flash grenade, move towards a shipping container, go down the stairs on the right and on your right you will find the second intel.


  •  After the first wave of enemies is dealt with, go inside the building on the left. The Intel should be beside the TV.
  •  As soon as you find Nikolai, proceed further beyond the main room and look for a bathroom. The Intel will be inside.

Charlie Don’t Surf

  •  Make sure when you are in the first building to go down the steps and defeat the enemy there. You will find a larger room and beyond that, there is a smaller room with the intel.
  •  Before you cross a raised street in the game, enter the building with an open doorway, make your way up the stairs and there you will find the Intel.
  •  As soon as you are done crossing the raised street, be on the lookout for a blue car, you will see a few steps beside, go towards where it leads you to find the Intel.

The Bog

  •  As soon as the night vision is turned on, go in the opposite room across the corridor and you will find the Intel on your left.
  •  After the sequence with the tanks is done with, crawl through the hole in the fence and with every obstacle turn left till you see a barrel caught up in flames and a stack of boxes around. Search around to find the Intel.


  •  After you’ve been blinded by a flash grenade, look for a building with a burning barrel outside. Enter this building to find the Intel.
  •  Fight your way through the greenhouses. Opposite the big barn, you’ll see a sheltered area with tables and chairs. On one of the tables is the next laptop.

War Pig

  •  After you pass through a large arch, look for a small building with a hole in the wall. Go inside and head towards the extreme left room to find the Intel.
  • Locate a shop with clothes in the window, inside you will find stairs and enter the second room on the right to find the Intel.
  • When you find your allies taking on a tank a soldier will prevent you from entering the room, head down the hall to see another room where the Intel is.

Shock and Awe

  •  After you rescue the squad, head towards the top floor on the building. Go to the right corner and this is where the Intel is located.
  •  Beside a few shipping containers, find a small building. Go up the stairs and look for a close, inside you will find the Intel.


  • As soon as you leave the forested area, go inside the first building. Upstairs, head towards the bedroom across to you to find the Intel.
  • Find a house which is between a building on fire and a water tower. Inside you will find the Intel.

All Ghillied Up

  • As MacMillan takes you through the church, inside the back room is a ladder, climb up to collect the Intel.
  • After MacMillan executes a soldier with a knife, go opposite to where he is going, head through a container and you will find the Intel.
  • Kill the sniper who is on the fire escape, and as MacMillan goes through the window, go to the top and through another window to find the Intel.

One Shot, One Kill

  •  As you carry MacMillan out of the building, head towards the slope and go down where you will see a broken wall, go through it and look for a fire escape on the right. Go up the ladder and the escape for the Intel.
  •  As you come near the end of the mission, and after defeating waves of enemies wait for the rescue helicopter to arrive, you will have to wait for the enemy to open the door on the furthest right to you. This is the room where you will find the Intel. (You may have to play this one repeatedly, as the enemy path is random).

The Sins of the Father

  •  In the first building itself, look on the left to find the Intel. (You need to be quick on this one as the camera fades to black).
  •  As soon as the chase scene begins, you will need to go down the alley on the left, go towards the area and turn right at the car which is wrecked down. Climb up the metal stairs to find the Intel.


  •  In the courtyard with a rusted car in the middle of it, you will need to fight a bunch of enemies and look for a building in the shape of the letter L, find an open shutter beside it with the number 2 painted to the left of it. Inside is the Intel.

All In

  • After you’re done blowing up the gate, you will see an alleyway to your right, go towards the end to the Intel.
  • After you’re done defeating the tanks, you will see an open aircraft hanger to your right. Inside at the back, you should find the Intel.

No Fighting in the War Room

  • As soon as you leave the flooded toilets, turn left in the red hallway. Find the fourth door on the left and inside on the table you will find the Intel.
  • When you are on the upper level of the mission control room, look for a room with an identical but smaller blue and green map. The inside in on the table.
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