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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Cheats and Tricks


One of the best part of Modern Warfare is the actual gameplay which even holds its ground after more than a decade after its release, though the game features a narrative that puts you in the shoes of the combatant, one of the key elements is finding intel which is scattered throughout the game.

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CoD Modern Warfare Remastered Cheats

This intel allows for cheats to be used in the game which allows for special abilities:

COD Noir — Turns the game black and white
Photo Negative — Inverts the game’s colors
Super Contrast — Turns up the contrast on the game’s visuals
Ragtime Warfare — A filter that turns the game black and white, adds film grain, and replaces audio with ragtime piano music. The speed of the game is also increased
Cluster Bombs — All grenades are cluster bombs, effectively exploding six times each
A Bad Year — Enemies turn into car tires when killed. Get it? Goodyear? No?
Slow Motion Mode — Enables a slow-motion mode when you press the melee button
Infinite Ammo — Gives you unlimited ammunition
Melon Heads — Enemies have their heads replaced with watermelons
Lemon-nade — Grenades are replaced with lemons
Ragdoll Impact — The ragdoll physics on dead bodies is turned up to 11
Zakhaev’s Sons — All enemies become the son of Zakhaev

Some of these cheats are hilarious and make the gameplay a bit funny but nonetheless even more enjoyable, what’s the point of playing a game if you cannot have a bit of fun which is completely unexpected.

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