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“Instant Portrait Not Working & Reverted To Default” Fix In FFXIV

Check out how to fix the instant portrait not working error in FFXIV.

Since Instant Portraits were introduced in FFXIV patch 6.2, many players complain that it’s not working and looking for ways to fix it. The problem is that it’s reverted to default or keeps resetting, and this issue is prevalent even after patch 6.3. Since this is a massively multiplayer game, these portraits are a way of creating a unique identity. In order to help you, we will tell you why the issue is happening and how to fix it.


Why Isn’t My Instant Portrait Working (Fix)

Instant Portrait Editing Menu
Image Source: Cole Evyx on Youtube

FFXIV has a plethora of content with its jobs, mounts, pets, glamour cosmetics, and more. With this portrait option, you can showcase your character and the gearset at the start of the following duties:

  • Dungeons
  • Guildhests
  • Trials
  • Raid Dungeons
  • Alliance Raid Dungeons
  • Deep Dungeons
  • Variant & Criterion Dungeons

Moreover, you can also customize the portraits according to your liking. You get options like:

  • Pose
  • Background
  • Frame
  • Accent
  • Expression
  • Ambient Lighting
  • Directional Lighting

Now since you can do multiple jobs like Blacksmith, Alchemist, Fisher, and more, you get the option to create different gearsets for each of them. And instant portraits display your current gearset so changing jobs, glamour, or anything that is linked to your gearset, breaks the link to the portrait. When this happens, you will notice a little error triangle next to the portrait and it will reset to default.


How to Fix the Instant Portrait in FFXIV

To keep the Instant Portrait from resetting, do the following to get it working:

  • Pull up the character tab.
  • Click on the “Two Arrows forming a Circle” button called Update Gearset.
  • Then, select the Portrait with the Error, select Edit Portrait, and click on Save.
  • Make sure the Instant Portrait option is turned on.

That should fix the error but since it is tied to each Gearset, you will have to repeat the process for all.


That’s all from us on how to fix the “Instant Portrait Not Working & Resetting to Default” error in FFXIV. For more helpful guides like the Best Solo Classes, make sure you check out GamerTweak.