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FFXIV: 3 Best Solo Classes

Here are the three best classes that you can use for solo play in FFXIV.

Many players are looking for the best classes for solo play in FFXIV. Even though the game is an MMORPG, there are some aspects of the game that many want to enjoy alone. And if you are worried that it might not be possible, you are in luck. So in this guide let us check the 3 best solo classes to use in Final Fantasy XIV.

3 Best Solo Classes In FFXIV

final fantasy xiv best solo classes

The 3 best Solo Classes in Final Fantasy 14 are:

  • Blue Mage
  • Paladin
  • Bard

Here is why you should consider these 3 for solo over the other jobs in the game:

Blue Mage

blue mage

Let us start with the job that is designed specifically for Solo play. This class is able to work well irrespective of whether you play alone or with someone. The maximum level you can reach with it is level 70. But before you start with it there is one big problem with this class and that is you can’t use it to progress the MSQ. So if you are looking to progress alone in the MSQ you should go for the Red Mage instead.

Blue Mage is unique mainly because it learns the moves of its enemies. This is not the case with other classes as they have to level up for it. You just have to witness the enemy use a move and when you defeat it you have a chance to get this skill. And another advantage that this job has is it gets more experience fighting enemies in the open world, when compared to the other classes.

Lastly, other than the MSQ these are some of the duties that you cannot do with a Blue Mage:

  • Duty Roulettes
  • Squadron Missions
  • Stone, Sky, Sea
  • The Forbidden Land, Eureka
  • Hall of the Novice
  • PvP, including duels

The good thing is both of the below classes are not only good but also let you progress through the MSQ.

Paladin – Best Solo Class In FFXIV


Paladin is the Job you get from the Gladiator class. This job is ideal if you like a tanky character. Not only does a Paladin offer you high defense, but it also gives you spells that allow you to heal yourself. And defense is not the only thing going for this class. Their damage output is fairly decent. So considering you get high defense and healing capabilities. You can easily take fights without having to worry about dying in battle easily.


bard best solo classes in final fantasy xiv

Bard is the class for you if you like to fight from a distance. This class does physical ranged damage. They specialize in moves that deal damage over time. The prerequisite class for a bard is Archer. Thus using this class lets you get well versed with ranged combat. Because while you may be able to deal some excellent amount of damage to your enemies. The distance is a key here. Bard doesn’t have a very high defense like the Paladin. So that is something you should keep in mind before starting with it.

That covers this guide on the 3 best Solo classes to play in FFXIV. While these were for solo play you should also check out our guide on the best classes for beginners in Final Fantasy XIV.