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The location of Instant Death Spots in Fortnite Chapter 2

Death zones in a Battle Royale Game seem like a cruel punishment, not only are you fighting against 99 other players, you also have the zone behind you catching up as soon as you start to lag. Dying for absolutely no reason hurts and Fortnite Chapter 2 has certain death spots which you should be aware of. This guide will show you the location of these instant Death Spots in Fortnite Chapter 2.

The location of Instant Death Spots in Fortnite Chapter 2

Death Spots are usually bugs that haven’t been corrected by the developers and this isn’t something new for Fortnite as things like these have plagued the game before too.

Death Spots do not even down the players, instead they will kill you instantly and leave your card, and if any of your teammates try to revive you, they too will be killed for going to that spot.

There are two areas in Frenzy Farm which players should be aware of and instant death spots, streamers SypherPK and TimTheTatman have recorded their instant death in Fortnite Chapter 2.

Since there are no patch notes available as of writing this article, we cannot determine if and when Epic Games intend to fix the ongoing problem.

Players should though be a little bit more careful around Frenzy Farm, check out other guides as on Fortnite only at GamerTweak.

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