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Halo Infinite Installation Stopped Fix

Facing trouble with installation getting stopped for Halo Infinite? Check out this guide to learn the fix.

Halo Infinite is a fun game to play, be it the Campaign mode alone or Multiplayer mode with friends. But what isn’t fun is the game gets stopped during installation, and this issue is being faced by several players both on Xbox and PC. So in this guide let us take a look at how to fix Halo Infinite Installation Stopped issue.

How to Fix Halo Infinite Installation Stopped

halo infinite installation stopped fix

Below are some of the general fixes that you can try on your PC or Xbox to fix the issue.

  • Have Enough storage space: This is more of a check than a fix, but if you don’t have enough space you can face installation issues. Be sure to free up a little extra space to ensure the successful installation of the game.
  • Restart or Power cycle your System: This is a very basic fix but can help with such problems. Power off your PC or Xbox console and unplug them. Wait for a minimum of 30 seconds. Reconnect the system and power it on. Once started try installing the game again.
  • Delete files and Reinstall the game: If you have tried installing this game before and got stuck, then make sure to remove all of the game files from your system. Once deleted restart the system and try installing the game from scratch again.
  • Remove yourself from the insider program: This is a fix for Xbox consoles. Remove your account from the insider program and try installing the game again. Thanks to user u/ikeavelli04 on Reddit for sharing this fix. You can check the entire Reddit thread here.
  • Disable/Turn off antivirus: A lot of antiviruses can cause problems while installing games. You can temporarily disable your antivirus during installation, especially if you are installing from some trusted sources like Steam or Xbox app.
  • Sign in/out of Steam or Xbox app: Depending on where you are installing the game from, simply sign out of your Xbox app or Steam. Restart the client and sign in again. Once signed in try installing the game.

That sums up all the solutions that you can try to fix Halo Infinite Installation stopped bug. If you were able to successfully install the game then you should check out our guide on best beginners tips and tricks for the campaign mode. And if you plan on playing the multiplayer mode then don’t miss out on the Winter Contingency event and its rewards.