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How To Install Mods In Hogwarts Legacy

Looking for mischief? Check out our guide on how to install mods in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy features a plethora of magical gameplay mechanics for players to discover across the Wizarding World. Similar to most of the major game titles having hundreds of mods, this game is no exception. While being an Evil wizard or discovering new beasts is fun, different mods can alter your entire gameplay experience. With some mods, you can bring Peter Potter or other fictional characters into Hogwarts. You can also use the mods to enhance your performance and fix issues like Stuttering or freezing. But a majority of players are confused about downloading or installing them. Not to worry, check out our guide on how to install mods in Hogwarts Legacy to find out.

How to Install Hogwarts Legacy Mods

hogwarts legacy install mods

Since the launch of Hogwarts Legacy, there have been dozens of Mods available for players to install. While the game does not have any official Mod support as of now, you can download and install several unofficial ones. For that, we suggest heading over to the Nexus Mods as it is the safest and best source of Mods.

So, here’s how you can download and install the Mods:

  • Firstly, head over to NexusMods or any other website to download the mods. But be cautious of the trojan or malicious viruses that may string along from other websites.
  • Choose the suitable mod of your preference and download it.
  • Once you have downloaded the required mod of your liking, open and read the Description or Readme text file. You will find the instructions about installing that Mod.
  • Now, there are mainly two ways to install these mods.
  • You can either copy and paste them into the default installation folder directory.
  • Alternatively, you can use a third-party mod manager to install these mods directly.
  • After following all the instructions, launch the game for a new gameplay experience.

But if you couldn’t find any description file for instructions, follow the below steps:

  • Head over to the default file directory of the game.
  • Then, head over to the Phoenix > Content > Paks folder.
  • You have to unzip or extract the Mod folder into the Paks folder over there.
  • Finally, launch the game to check your installed Mods.

Note to backup all the original files before you install any of the mods in Hogwarts Legacy. As you do so, you can always go back to the original gameplay experience. If you are looking for the popular Mods from Nexusmods, you can find the most trending or popular mods over here. You can also check out our guide on the best Mods to try on for more insight.

The devs at Avalanche Studios might also add official Mod support with Steam Workshop in the future. If that happens, we will make sure to update this article  

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