Dying Light 2 All Inhibitor Locations – Increase Health & Stamina

Find the locations of all Inhibitors in Dying Light 2.

Inhibitors are important resources that will help you gain health and stamina in Dying Light 2, as long as you can find their locations first. To increase maximum health and stamina, you need to get your hands on 3 of these Inhibitors. With a total of 126 Inhibitors spread across 3 districts, this should not be too tricky. If you’re reading this guide, you’re probably looking for the locations of these Inhibitors. If so, we’ve got exactly what you are looking for, so keep reading to learn about these locations in Dying Light 2.

All Inhibitor Locations in Dying Light 2 – Improve Health & Stamina


Houndfield Inhibitor Locations in Dying Light 2

  • Markers of Plague Mission – You will come across 3 inhibitors in a crate when exploring the interiors of a building.

Trinity Inhibitor Locations in Dying Light 2

  • South-East of Trinity – You will find two inhibitors towards the west of the windmill. Head to the topmost floor of a building to get it.
  • Dark Hollow Loot Source – You will find an inhibitor in the container towards the north of the Metro Station in the All in the Family side quest. We recommend you visit this site at night.
  • North of Trinity – Head to the top of a building between two loot sources to the north of Trinity to find 3 inhibitors.
  • GRE Anomaly C-A-05 – Head to the east of Trinity to find 2 inhibitors.
  • Far North Hostile Camp – Head to this camp during the Revolution Story quest to get 3 inhibitors in the GRE Crate.

Horseshoe Inhibitor Locations

  • Western Border of Horseshoe – Head to this location and then go to the top floor of a building towards the south of a windmill. Here, you will find 2 inhibitors. This is during The Only Way Out quest.
  • Tango Motel – During The Raid, meet Sophie at the Tango Motel to find 2 inhibitors in a GRE Crate.
  • THV Genomics Center GRE Quarantine Building – Go to the first floor here to find 1 inhibitor. Head to the next floor to get another inhibitor.
  • THV Genomics Center GRE Quarantine Building Cargo & Cage Holding – Go to this room on the highest floor of the building to get two inhibitors.
  • Water Tower – You will find 2 inhibitors at the water tower.

Downtown Inhibitor Locations

  • Subway Tunnels – Go to these tunnels during the A Place to Call Home story quest. Here, you will find 2 inhibitors.
  • Downtown Electrical Station – During the same quest, you will find 2 inhibitors. They will be in a GRE Crate.
  • Downtown Thugs Bandit Camp – Head to a small office room above the camp. Here, you will find an inhibitor. The code to unlock it is 3-1-3.

New Dawn Park Inhibitor Locations

  • Western Edge of Skyscraper – Find 2 inhibitors in a crate on the open floor of this building.

Wharf Inhibitor Locations

  • Tall Building in Nightrunners Quest – Head to the building and look for an open room to your left. Here, you will find 1 inhibitor.

Saint Paul Island Inhibitor Locations

  • Cathedral – You will find 2 inhibitors here.

Garrison Inhibitor Locations

  • Garrison Electrical Station – You will find an inhibitor at the Garrison Electrical Station. This is during the Broadcast story mission. You need to enter code 3-1-4 to get access.
  • VNC Tower – Head inside this tower with your GRE Key to get 1 Inhibitor. Further ahead in the game, you will find 3 inhibitors when you go through the elevator shaft to the top floor. Once you activate the broadcast on top of the tower, you will find 1 inhibitor on the solar panel ledge next to the brown outbuilding.
  • Lawan’s Old Apartment – You will find 3 inhibitors here.

So there you have it. These are the locations of all 126 inhibitors in Dying Light 2. As you can see, the usefulness of these items cannot be undermined. We recommend you try and get as many of them as you can. This will help you get to your max health and stamina.

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