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Dying Health 2 – How To Heal & Increase Max Health?

Read this guide to learn how to heal and increase your max health in Dying Light 2.

Knowing how to heal and increase your max health is a very important skill in a game like Dying Light 2. With the constant battle with terrifying zombies, you will always find yourself looking to restore your health and heal from any damage you suffer during opponent encounters. To help you in your quest to heal yourself in Dying Light 2, we have got just the guide for you. Here, we will show you all you need to do to recover your health in the game.

How to Heal & Get Max Health in Dying Light 2?



To heal in Dying Light 2, you will need to use one of several items that you will acquire either by scavenging, purchasing, or simply crafting. Items like Medicine, Health Regeneration Boosters, and Medikits are great if you wish to heal yourself.

In order to use these items, you need to open your menu and head to the Inventory to equip them. You will find these items in the Consumables section. Once you find the item of your choice, simply press the X button on PlayStation (A on Xbox) to equip it.


How to Get Max Health/Increase Health?

To increase and get maximum health in Dying Light 2, you need to first collect 3 Inhibitors. Doing so will offer you the option to pick from either Stamina or Health. This will allow you to increase either your Health or Stamina.

You can collect Inhibitors by going to GRE Containers and safes, among other locations. Once you collect the required Inhibitors, you should head over to the Skills menu. Here, click on the + icon at the lower center of your screen. You should find this icon under the Upgrades Available section.


Now, press and hold the X button while hovering over the + icon. Doing so will increase your health for 3 Inhibitors.

And that’s it. These simple steps are all it takes to heal and increase your maximum health in Dying Light 2. As you can see, doing so is not too tricky. While players sometimes tend to gloss over the concept of healing and health, it is one of the most crucial elements of any game. We recommend you pay special attention to the steps in this guide so that you never get caught off-guard.

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