Infinite Magicraid Tier List (June 2023)

By Shubham
5 Min Read

Infinite Magicraid is a turn-based role-playing game (RPG) that features several adventures. You can join plenty of 5v5 battles to compete against other players all over the world. As you progress, you need to gather the best hero characters to fight against the evil god, Lihem. That being said, several players are confused about choosing these hero characters. Check out our Infinite Magicraid tier list to find out the best heroes ranked from best to worst.

Infinite Magicraid Tier List – Best Heroes Ranked (2023)

infinite magicraid tier list best heroes rankedThe below list is based on my experience and playstyle. That being said, you can find some heroes placed in the lower tier better than higher ones. It all depends on your suitable playstyle and skills. So, here’s the Infinite Magic Raid tier list for the best heroes ranked from best to worst:

Tiers  Heroes  Role
S Tier Hezonja Attacker
S Tier Katherine Support
S Tier Lucifer Attacker
S Tier Luna Support
S Tier Melia Attacker
S Tier Serena Attacker
S Tier Xia Attacker
A Tier Agatha Attacker
A Tier Aisha Attacker
A Tier Asindo Support
A Tier Brynhild Support
A Tier Dario Support
A Tier Eric Attacker
A Tier Frich Defender
A Tier Guhanna Support
A Tier Hisaro Attacker
A Tier Horus Attacker
A Tier Lukea Attacker
A Tier Luz Attacker
A Tier Madlaina Attacker
A Tier Maeve Attacker
A Tier Margarita Attacker
A Tier Megan Attacker
A Tier Melchio Attacker
A Tier Nid Rold Support
A Tier Nordak Defender
A Tier Phocas Support
A Tier Sana Attacker
A Tier Sinton Defender
A Tier Slivelle Attacker
A Tier Space Support
A Tier Taff Support
A Tier Ulcaster Attacker
A Tier Velentin Attacker
A Tier Walter Attacker
A Tier Yoko Attacker
B Tier Alahan Support
B Tier Anna Attacker
B Tier Ariel Support
B Tier Ben Austin Support
B Tier Besmore Attacker
B Tier Carrie Attacker
B Tier Eliana Support
B Tier Elleena Attacker
B Tier Fiona Support
B Tier Greta Attacker
B Tier Gunner Defender
B Tier Gustave Attacker
B Tier Hoff Support
B Tier Mae Attacker
B Tier Melina Support
B Tier Mutu Attacker
B Tier Nasakkhma Defender
B Tier Natalie Attacker
B Tier Nita Attacker
B Tier Okmin Attacker
B Tier Slackdo Attacker
B Tier Soli Defender
B Tier Timi Support
C Tier Amalic Support
C Tier Gerina Support
C Tier Gramndi Attacker
C Tier Gru Defender
C Tier Jennifer Attacker
C Tier Karid Attacker
C Tier Lam Support
C Tier Naseal Defender
C Tier Schilder Defender
C Tier Turf Attacker
C Tier Vera Support
C Tier Zachzulu Attacker
D Tier Elaina Defender
D Tier Ellic Defender
D Tier Hal9000 Defender
D Tier Sigmund Defender
D Tier Zyra Support

From the above tier list, it is obvious that Lucifer, Xia, and Serena are the best attackers to choose from. But as these characters are Mythic, collecting them can be a bit tricky. While you may collect these heroes later, we suggest you work your way with the characters placed in the A and B Tier. Agatha, Melchio, Phocas, Ulcaster, and Yoko can be some great attackers, to begin with in the Infinite Magic Raid. On the other hand, you can also choose to roll with characters such as Besmore, Greta, Mutu, and Amalic for the early game.

In addition to that, some characters like Gru, Lam, Nasealm, and Schilder placed in the C Tier can also offer defense or support. But these characters are not that overpowered. Nevertheless, you can replace these characters with better ones as you unlock and collect them later.

That’s everything covered about the Infinite Magicraid Tier list. If this helped you, check out our Infinite Magicraid Codes list to redeem plenty of free rewards right here on Gamer Tweak.