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Sims 4 Infant Update Broken Mods & CC List (2023)

Mods and custom content not working after the Infant patch in Sims 4? Check out this guide.

Are mods and CC broken after the Sims 4 Infant update? You are not alone. This is a major update and whenever this happens, the mods and custom content get affected and stop working smoothly because of the in-game changes. Here’s what you need to do about it.

Sims 4 Infant Update Broken Mods & CC

sims 4 infant patch mods not working

The Infant patch breaks mods/custom content because of all the changes it brings along. Rest assured that the creators will be working on updating the mods to work well with the latest updates but how much time it will take, depends on the modders.

As per The Sims Forum member luthienrising, this patch affects more mods due to its new features, improvements, and of course, a brand new life stage that Simmers will experience – infants. So it’s best to assume that the mod you are using is either partially or completely broken.

Which Mods are Broken? (List)

Here are some that are known to be broken at the time of writing this article (15th March 2023):

  • Baby CC
  • Bassinet CC
  • Mods that add an item to a Sim pie-menu subcategory
  • CC wrench mods
  • More CAS Traits Options
  • Most default eye replacements
  • More Cheats Menu
  • Custom traits by Mythical Ascelin
  • Age Up add Preferences (Chingyu)
  • Aging Fix (Scarlet/Mythical Ascelin)
  • Airline Employee Career (Simmiller)
  • All Beds Give Same Energy, Comfort and Stress Relief (Cyclelegs)
  • All Year Plants (Scarlet/Robin)
  • Arranged Marriages (MizoreYukii)
  • ATICAS (Mythical Ascelin)
  • Balanced Life Merged Edition (Chingyu)
  • Balanced Life Separated – Less Extreme Emotions module (Chingyu)
  • Beautiful (Mythical Ascelin)
  • Bed Cuddle (thepancake1 and MizoreYukii)
  • Bedtime (BosseladyTV)
  • Better Computers (BosseladyTV)
  • Better BFFs (BosseladyTV)
  • Better Lot Trait – Fast Internet (BosseladyTV)
  • Better Lot Trait – Homey (BosseladyTV)
  • Better Lot Trait – Science Lair (BosseladyTV)
  • Better Lot Traits Bundle (BosseladyTV)
  • Better Stereos (BosseladyTV)
  • Bikes For Children (MSQ Sims)
  • Bonehilda Alive (Srsly)
  • Buff Replacement Pack (Chingyu)
  • CAS Sanity randomization files (helaene)
  • The Childbirth Mod (PandaSama)
  • Children Can Walk With Dogs (MSQ Sims)
  • Children/Toddlers Can Die of Anything (MizoreYukii)
  • Contextual Social Interactions (Lumpinou)
  • Cosmetic Procedures Mod (SimWithShan)
  • Cute Romance (thepancake1 and MizoreYukii)
  • Disallow Human Traits For Pets (Chingyu)
  • Edit Lights In Build Mode (thepancake1 and MizoreYukii)
  • Fear Factory overrides files (helaene)
  • Feral Run Werewolf Tweak (Lot51)
  • Filthy Fabulous Craftable Patch (Srsly)
  • First Impressions (Lumpinou)
  • Friendzone Mod (Chingyu)
  • Gardening Plants, All Seasons, No Glow, and 10 Harvestables (Monochaos)
  • Handsome (Mythical Ascelin)
  • Hey Lin-Z! (BosseladyTV)
  • Home and Land Company (SimRealist)
  • Illness Traits Bundle (BosseladyTV)
  • Internships (maplebell)

Be sure to head to the forum link to see the full list and discussion.

infant update broken custom content

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How to Fix Broken Mods and CC

The best thing to do is remove the mods for now and wait for an update from the modder. Once they post about updating their mods to suit this patch, you can use them again.

How to Test for Broken Mods

  • First, make sure to back up your saves first. This is very important because you don’t want to lose your save file.
  • Remove other files from your Mods folder and only keep the mod that you are testing.
  • Remember to delete the localthumbcache file because it has the memory cache of the mods. This has to be deleted to test and also to avoid mod conflict.
  • Launch the game. Check if it’s working properly with the mod you are currently using. If it doesn’t work or launch at all, the mod is most likely broken and you can inform the creator of the mod (they are most likely already aware of it and may post about it on their social media accounts).

How to Delete Broken Mods After Patch?

  • You can use the Tray Importer to delete broken cc. Check out our related guide to know the steps.
  • You can also delete the folders manually. Here’s how to do it:
    • Close the game. Go to the file location: C:\Usersname\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4.
    • Find the MODS folder.
    • Move all the mods to your Desktop.
    • Now paste a Mod folder back into the “MODS” folder and check the game. This is how you can find out if a particular mod is working correctly or creating problems.
    • If it’s causing issues, remove the folder and bring it back when it has compatibility with the update. Otherwise, delete the broken mod.
    • Remember to delete the Sims 4 cache by deleting the localthumbscache.package file. If you don’t do this, the mod isn’t deleting fully and may reappear.

What to Do if the Deleted Mod Reappears?

Check out the response by the EA community manager about the reappearance of deleted mods:

  • Clear the Sims 4 cache which you can do by deleting the file localthumbscache.package. It is the folder in which your Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/ cache can be found.
  • Delete all files that end in .cache but leave the actual directory.
  • Go back to the cachestr folder. Delete all of the files but once again do not delete the actual directory.
  • If there’s a folder called onlinethumbnailcache then you can go ahead and trash it too.

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