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How to Increase Stagger Damage Bonus to 200% and 300%

Get ready to unleash maximum damage!

For players of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, staggering is one of the best mechanics in the game. It comes super handy when you are trying to beat your enemies because staggering lets you deal massive blows to them. An enemy in a staggered state in FF7 Remake will take a lot more damage from all your attacks. It’s a pretty sweet way to kill off your opponents, especially bosses!

How to Get Stagger Damage Bonus to 200% and 300%

In this guide, you will know exactly how to increase stagger damage bonus to 200% and 300% from the default 160%.

Increasing Stagger Bonus to 200%

When Chadley gives you the Battle Intel Report 12, which is The Stagger Effect Pt. 3, you will see that it asks players to increase stagger damage bonus to 200%. This also means that you should have already completed The Stagger Effect Pt. 1 and 2.

Here’s the tactic to do it – get into a battle with Fat Chocobo. You need to visit Chadley and select this enemy from Chadley’s VR Missions.

In this fight with Fat Chocobo, you can use Tifa because her attacks will ensure that the stagger rates increase to high levels. With her abilities of Rise and Fall, Omnistrike and Whirling Uppercut, you can raise the stagger damage bonus in FF7 Remake. Once the enemy is staggered, use her Unbridled Strength Ability to unleash the mayhem. Just press triangle continuously and the stagger damage bonus will zip ahead from 160% to 200%.

How to Increase the Stagger Damage Bonus to 300%?

Want to deal even more damage? You got it! To do this, you need to fight Fat Chocobo with Tifa. Use the Unbridled Strength ability twice when Fat Chocobo’s stagger bar is around 50%. Then use Rise and Fall and Omnistrike. Then, start with Whirling Uppercuts and True Strikes when your ATB is charged. Remember, to use True Strike, you need access to the weapon Purple Pain from Chapter 16.

Another way to get your stagger damage bonus to 300% is when Aerith uses Ray of Judgement and Cloud uses Focused Thrust. A simple tip to ensure that Fat Chocobo stays alive until you reach 300% is to equip your party members with weapons having the lowest damage. Once you reach 300%, you will earn the Staggering Feat trophy.

So this is how you can increase the stagger damage bonus to 200% and 300% in Final Fantasy VII Remake. For more useful tips, tricks, unlocks and cheats, check out our complete Final Fantasy 7 Remake Wiki Guide.