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How to Raise & Increase IVs in Pokemon Sword & Shield

IVs of a Pokemon shows the strength of particular Pokemon and Pokemon Sword and Shield have tons of Pokemon that are available in the game and recognizing which one is good can be a bit difficult. This guide will show you how to raise & increase IVs in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

How to Raise & Increase IVs in Pokemon Sword & Shield

You cannot check the IV of a Pokemon unless you complete the main storyline, from the moment you get a Pokemon in an egg, the IV value of the Pokemon is set in stone which you can know only after you reach level 4 in the Battle Tower after completing the main storyline.

Good IVs

To know if a Pokemon has a good IV you will need to see if they are surrounded by Brilliant Aura which is a golden glow that only a few Pokemon have. If you find one you can be sure that the Pokemon are boosted with stats.

You can also check out Pokemon from Max Raid Battles which are level four and beyond, these Pokemon are certain to have a really good IV score. Getting a high-level Ditto will certainly be a good choice at this point and it is something that you will eventually go for.

Hyper Training

Once you have a Pokemon of about level 100, you can take your Pokemon to the Battle Tower.

In the Battle Tower you will find an NPC to the right who will exchange his services for Bottle Caps and Gold Bottle Caps, Hyper Training lets you Pokemon get a ton of new stats and this makes them even stronger.

A normal Bottle Cap will get one of your IV maxed out but getting a Gold Bottle Cap gives you the chance of maxing out all six IVs of your Pokemon.

This is all there is to know about how to raise & increase IVs in Pokemon Sword & Shield. Do check our other Pokemon Sword and Shield Wiki Guides for more Tricks and Tweaks.

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