How To Increase Cooking Skill In Bloxburg

You can cook variety of meals and share them with your friends using the Cooking Skill in Bloxburg. Know how you can increase this skill.

The Cooking Skill will allow you to cook your meals in Bloxburg but many players don’t know how to get it. You can unlock different recipes for your character by leveling it up. The food can also be shared with your friends and other players. This will also save money spent on buying snacks. So, here is how you to upgrade it.

How to Level Up Cooking Skill in Bloxburg

Cooking Skill In Bloxburg

You can watch a cooking show on the TV Set to increase your Cooking Skill in Bloxburg. This Skill can also be leveled up by making dishes.

If you don’t know how to cook in Bloxburg, here are some steps you can follow:

  1. Set up the Cooking Counter
    • Set up your Cooking Counter by buying all the necessary equipment needed for cooking.
    • You need not buy more expensive equipment as it won’t help in cooking or increase more skills than cheaper ones.
    • Players might need a Counter, a Stove, and a Fridge in their setup.
  2. Use your Fridge
    • The Quick Snack option won’t increase your Skill and will only improve your hunger mood. So, prepare your meal instead of selecting this option.
    • Go to your Fridge and take out the Ingredients needed to prepare a meal.
  3. Choose what to Cook
    • After you have the ingredients, choose the meal you want to prepare.
    • It will cost you money to prepare a meal. Bigger meals cost more money than regular ones.
  4. Use the Counter
    • Once you have selected your meal, you will have a tray in your hand.
    • Keep this tray on the Counter and start preparing your ingredients.
    • You would need to start by cutting or mixing ingredients.
  5. Follow the Directions
    • The instructions will be on the screen. Follow them to start making your food.
    • These include clicking with your mouse or pressing keys on your keyboard.
    • After this, you may have to use a Stove or Oven to cook your meal.

After this, your meal will be ready to eat. It should also increase your Cooking Skill. If you Cook frequently, it will significantly increase your Skill and level.

So, that is all on how to increase Cooking Skill in Bloxburg. If you want to know how to make a Porch, here is a guide for that. Similarly, if you want to know about the Cooking skill, read this article here on Gamer Tweak.