Hood Outlaws & Legends: How To Increase Character Rank?

Level Up your character rank to pull the perfect heist in Hood Outlaws & Legends.

Hood Outlaws & Legends is a game that will need the players to spend a considerable amount of time leveling up their character rank. This is because there are a number of perks and buffs that are directly in sync to your class rank and are accessible once you achieve that rank. If you want to pull off a heist that is perfect or defeat the opposition team easily, a lot depends on your character experience along with your playstyle and the equipped weapons. So in this guide, we will tell how you how to increase your character class rank in Hood Outlaws & Legends.

How to Level Up Character Rank in Hood Outlaws & Legends?

Character Rank
The four classes in the game have their own individual rank that can level up. To level up your character rank in Hood Outlaws & Legends, you will need to increase the Character XP. This stat is directly proportionate to the number of heists that you complete. The more you are out there on the field in a battle, the better your XP stat will go. This stat is unique to each class. For example, if you want to increase the XP of Marianne, you will have to play as Marianne in the game and complete the heist. Once the amount bar is full, the character will automatically get promoted to the next rank in the game.

The max Rank that you can go with your character is 10. There is no leveling up post that rank. So the only way you can get more out of your character is by equipping different weapons and outfits and leveling these up instead.

So that is all for our guide on how to increase your character class Rank in Hood Outlaws & Legends. If you would like to know how to play as Robin in the game, check out our article on that too.