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How To Change Clothes & Outfits in Hood Outlaws & Legends

Game is too short to not make your character class wear that outfit you always wanted in Hood Outlaws & Legends.

Hood Outlaws & Legends features a number of skins, outfits, and attire in the game to make you feel like the perfect candidate to carry out some heists. Each class has its own unique attire list that can be unlocked as you progress in the game. These outfits will help you will gain some extra bonuses in the game that can come in handy. So in this guide, we will show you how to change your character outfits and clothes in Hood Outlaws & Legends.

How to Change Clothes & Outfits in Hood Outlaws & Legends?


Clothing Shop Hood

When in the Hideout of Hood Outlaws & Legends, you will see that there is a wooden hut named ‘Clothing’. There you can change your character outfits, attire, and clothes. Simply approach is area and you can see the attire of each class when you toggle between the classes. Each class gets one default outfit that is already equipped. You can see the list of all the character outfits on the right-hand section of the screen. You can see the unlocked as well as locked outfits on the character. If the outfit is unlocked, simply select the outfit and your character will equip the desired outfit.

Clothing and attire Change Hood
The more you level up your Hideout, the more outfits you can unlock. They are often also gained as rewards for completing certain quests and challenges. New outfits are not just for character customization, they are also one of the vital items that will help you level up your character in the game. You can purchase new outfits via the in-game gold and can also be unlocked during completing the tasks.


So that is all for our guide on how to change clothes, attire & outfits in Hood Outlaws & Legends. If you would like to know how to play as Robin in the game, check out our guide on that too.