Soulmask: How To Increase Camp Comfort Level To Improve Mood

Is your or your Tribemens’ mood down in Soulmask? You should try increasing the comfort level of your camp to uplift their spirits!

Knowing how to increase your camp comfort level in Soulmask may seem optional but is quite important. When your tribesmen are unhappy they won’t be as productive when they feel content. Which in turn would lead to less work being done and slow progress and growth of your tribe. All of this is actually tied to their mood. The good news is there are quite a few things that you can do in this game to make them feel better. So here are all the tricks you can use to let them get more comfortable.

How to Increase Camp Comfort Level in Soulmask and Improve Mood

How To Increase Camp Comfort Level In Soulmask
Image Credits: Soulmask on YouTube
  • Make Improved Furniture: This is the easiest and the first thing you can do to raise your camp’s comfort level. The higher the quality of your furniture is the better your tribespeople will feel when resting after a hard day at work. To build furniture you will need a Building Workshop which requires the following materials:
    • Clay x20
    • Plank x20
    • Flint or Stone x40 (Optional material)
    • Thick Rope x10
  • After it is ready all that is left is to make Furniture with it. You can unlock it in the Knowledge & Technology skill tree. Try making things like a Bed, Armchair, Double Bed, Grass Mat, and more.
  • Prepare a Variety of Food & Drinks: Much like in real life you will find out that the NPCs in this game have specific preferences when it comes to the choice of their foods or drinks. As such it is a good idea, to prepare multiple food items so that the tribespeople have easy access to them. And similar to food you can also brew different types of alcohol as per their liking.
  • Add Important Buildings: One of the best examples of this is building an outhouse. This is a win-win situation because not only do the people in your tribe get a good place to clear their bowels, but you also get to collect their feces. You can then use it as fertilizer for your plants. Some other things you can build include Campfire, Well, and more.
  • Improve Base Structure by making it Spaceous: While designing your base add your walls and structures in a way that the NPCs don’t have trouble getting around places.

Use the above tricks and your camp should be more comfortable than before in Soulmask which should lead to them having a better mood. For more such guides on this game, you should also check out how to change masks, assign jobs to tribesmen, dance, and tame a panther.