Elden Ring: How To Increase The Damage Of Arrows & Bolts

Not dealing enough damage to your enemies when using bows or crossbows in Elden Ring? Time to increase the damage of your arrows and bolts.

You should increase the damage of your Arrows or Bolts in Elden Ring, to make the most out of them. Mage builds can use Terra Magicus to significantly boost their damage output. Sadly this is not the case for ranged attackers that rely on using bows or crossbows. But while that might be the case you can still do some things to improve them. So in this guide let us quickly check them.

How to Increase the Damage of your Arrows & Bolts in Elden Ring

elden ring increase the damage of your arrows and bolts

There are two ways to increase the damage of your arrows & bolts in the game.

  • Using Arrow’s Sting Talisman
  • Upgrading your Weapon

Let us learn about both of these methods.

Using the Arrow’s Sting Talisman

use arrows sting talisman

Arrow’s Sting Talisman gives the player an additional 10% damage when attacking using arrows and bolts. You can find this Talisman at the tower near the Impassable Greatbridge in Caelid. Below is its exact location.

  1. Fast Travel to the Impassable Greatbridge site of grace.
  2. Just behind the site, you will find a tower.
  3. Head west and on the left side you will find two ladders.
  4. Use any of the two to climb up. You will find guards above.
  5. Next, use the ladder in the middle to climb up.
  6. Once you reach the top of the tower you will find three more guards here. On the right corner of this area, you will find a chest.
  7. This chest has the Arrow’s Sting Talisman.

Upgrading Weapons to increase Arrows & Bolts damage in Elden Ring

upgrade your bows and crossbows to increase damage

Just like how you would upgrade your other weapons you should also upgrade your bows or crossbows if you plan on using them. You can upgrade your bow from the Smithing table at the Church of Elleh. Alternatively, you can also ask Smithing Master Hewg to upgrade it for you at the Roundtable hold.

We tried this method by using the Longbow at the Gatefront site of grace. Basically, we shot the Gaurd behind the site of grace.

  • Longbow+3 dealt damage of 144, while Longbow+4 did 151 damage. You might find a difference in the damage based on how close or far you are from the guard. We shot him in the body. So where you shoot can also show different results. But whatever you do you should see a difference in damage after the upgrade.

Hence you should definitely upgrade the bow that you plan on using in the long run. Use both of these methods to see a noticeable increase in the damage difference.

That covers everything you should know about how to increase the damage of your arrows and bolts in Elden Ring. I suggest you check our Elden Ring section for more guides on various topics like builds, boss fights, and more.