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Elden Ring: How To Use The Smithing Table

Came across the Smithing table but was unable to use it while playing Elden Ring? This guide will help you out.

When playing Elden Ring, you should know how to use a Smithing Table. It is a very basic thing but one that is arguably one of the most useful skills you can learn in this game. And it is also important because you can’t always buy strong weapons. This is where the Smithing Table will come in. So in this guide let us take a look at how to use the Smithing table in Elden Ring.

How to Use a Smithing Table in Elden Ring


elden ring how to use the smithing table

You can use the Smithing table in Elden Ring to strengthen your Armament. Simply interact with one and choose the weapons or shields you wish to upgrade. Below are the exact steps to how you can use the Smithing Table.

  1. Fast travel to the Church of Elleh or the Roundtable hold.
  2. In the Church of Elleh turn around to find the smithing table behind the site of grace. And for Roundtable hold, talk to the Smithing Master Hewg.
  3. Approach the Smithing Table and use it. You can do that by pressing the Y button on your Xbox controller and the Triangle button on your PlayStation controller to use it. PC players can do the same by pressing the E-key on your keyboard.
  4. Here you will get two options Strengthen armament and Leave. Choose Strengthen armament.
  5. Below you will see all your weapons and shields that you can upgrade.
  6. You can only upgrade the ones that are lit or not greyed out.
  7. Select the Armament that you wish to upgrade. You will get a confirmation, here click on OK.
  8. Once you click OK you will upgrade your armament.


That is all you can do when using the Smithing Table.

An important thing to know here is upgrading is not free. You will need to collect certain resources and have enough runes in order to upgrade your weapons or shields. The most common resource that you need for an upgrade is a Smithing stone. These are of different levels and are spread throughout the map. You should check our detailed guide on Smithing stones to learn everything about them. Hence it is best if you save your resources only for the armaments that you plan to use in the long run and not upgrade everything.

That covers this guide on how to use the Smithing Table in Elden Ring. Now that you know about using a Smithing table you should also learn how to craft items and how to craft arrows. And for more help on this game check out our Elden Ring section.