Immortals Of Aveum Review – Lethally Magical!

Immortals of Aveum shows that a magician is more than just Birthday Parties and Card Tricks.

Immortals of Aveum serves a new perspective to the genre of FPS Fantasy Games. It is basically a first-person shooter, but you deal with Magic instead of bullets and throwables. Ascendant Studios has done a great job in portraying Medieval battlemages with a pinch of Modern English and light sarcasm. Despite being a little slow at first, the story catches up incredible pace through its single-player campaign. After testing it out for a week, we are ready to give you our insights without spoiling anything through our Immortals of Aveum Review.

Immortals of Aveum Review

In a World where Magic has taken over, only two major Kingdoms remain which include Lucium and Rasharn. Separate from all this, we play as Jak, who lost his everything after the invasion of Rasharnians on his settlement. This Canon Event in Jak’s life awakens the special powers that allow him to wield 3 types of Magic simultaneously. This versatility makes him a Triarch Magnus – a spellcaster capable of wielding all three forms of Magic. However, the Mana flowing through Jak’s body might kill him if not given proper guidance. This is how you will take part in Everwar, an old time conflict between the 2 Kingdoms.

Immortals of Aveum Story

Just like in classic lore, this is the point where our protagonist meets his mentor, the Grand Magnus Kirkan. Under her guidance, Jak will become one of the crucial members of the Order of the Immortals – the only force that can resist the tyrant of Rasharnians in Lucium.

Not all Battles are Won with Guns

The Combat in Immortals of Aveum is all about Magic and the ability of the spellcaster to make the most out of it. Surprisingly, there are no weapons or staff for dealing Magical damage to the enemies. Instead, you will be using your hands to aim and unleash the wrath of magic on your opponents. Does that feel boring? Well, not at all! Developers have tailored the Combat system so beautifully that you won’t miss Guns and other weapons at all. The Blue, Red, and Green Magic takes the place of all major weapon classes.

  • Blue Magic (Rifles)
    • For those who love to fire steady rounds of fire, like Rifles, you can use the Blue Magic.
  • Red Magic (Shotguns)
    • Players who like to keep things aggressive in short-range combats can use the Red Magic.
  • Green Magic (SMGs)
    • Players like me who want to fire multiple rounds can use the Green Magic.

Types of Magic in Immortals of Aveum

Besides combat, these Magic types can also be used in surroundings to get past obstacles easily. But for now, I won’t be spoiling it much. One more thing that compels me to play Immortals of Aveum is the secondary attacks for all Magic types. Also, the hand animations while casting a spell seemed super cool to me. It sort of reminds me of Doctor Strange from MCU.

The Graphics & Colors Offer Visual Delight

Immortals of Aveum Visuals and Graphics

I played this game on PS5 and the visuals were looking insane. Throughout my entire playthrough, I wandered across all the corners of the map. Be it Castles, War Chambers, Caves, or Forests, or the entire environment, everything was pretty solid. Apart from the surface world, there were other realms that justified their purpose. The best example of it would be the Challenge Realms that took place on the floating islands. Such Realms will require you to use your Magic for both Combat and solving puzzles.

Friends are Friendlier & Foes are Merciless

Thanks to Jak’s humor and friendly nature, you will make several friends while completing quests. There are some humorous NPC interactions. This compensates for the long and unskippable cutscenes. Also, while interacting with NPCs, you get to select dialogues sometimes. This option usually shows up toward the end of the conversation and is also a good way to get more information regarding the next objective. Zendara and Devyn, your very first companions after joining the Order of the Immortals will be helping you out throughout the game. Especially Devyn, he will make sure you feel at home from day one.

enemy battle

Speaking of friends, you will definitely encounter enemies each time you explore the map. The same henchmen will show up, with at least one brute among them. This kind of feels like Power Rangers honestly. Apart from these smaller enemies, you will also come across enemies that are extraordinarily giant in size. They’ll make sure that you are making proper use of your resources.

Immortals of Aveum Verdict

If you ask me, Combat and Graphics are a massive push to this game. But, there are certain factors which is pulling Immortals of Aveum from reaching that mark of Greatness. For instance, the story is predictable but that doesn’t mean everything will come from the textbook. You will face never seen before enemies who’ll only fall weak if you have proper knowledge of all the moves from your spellbook. However, the X Factor? This game slightly missed its chance of becoming the Best Magic Game of all time.

A more gripping storyline would have created a new benchmark in its genre. It certainly did open the gates for Fantasy FPS Shooters but failed to create a hook. Despite having that potential, this game failed to create an impact in the gaming community. But being the first of a kind, Immortals of Aveum is a good game with some must-try content. It is available on Windows, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, and X. If you are looking to get it, then you are good to go.

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This Is What Happens When Magic Takes Over

It is a unique experience of first-person shooting but with no Guns, only Magic! Learn how to master the spells and participate in Everwar to stop the evil forces.

  • Combat 8
  • Story 6
  • Graphics 7.5