How To Summon Mount In Immortals Fenyx Rising

Call your mount and go on a ride.

Knowing how to summon your mount in Immortals Fenyx Rising will let you cover a lot of ground within in no time. This will let you explore the surroundings or reaching a faraway location quickly. Mounts are tamable animals in the game. Unlike other animals, they won’t harm you; instead, they will run away if you are not cautious while approaching them.

The game has several mount options and you can select any of those once you tame and have them available. But there’s not much given about how you can summon them. Hence, here we are with this guide on how to summon mount in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

Immortals Fenyx Rising: How to Summon Your Mount

Press the Triangle button on PS4Y on Xbox, or T on PC to summon mount in Immortals Feny Rising. But you can only do that if you have any mount unlocked. To unlock a mount, you need to tame it while exploring the world. This will add the mount to your collection. Once you have a mount unlocked, select it as the default from the inventory menu. After this point, all you need to do is press the said interact buttons to summon the mount.

summon mount in immortals fenyx rising

That’s everything you need to know about how to summon mount in Immortals Fenyx Rising. There are multiple collectible resources that you will need in the game. Some of the most important ones are Ambrosia, Elektrum, and Coins of Charon. Ambrosia will let you increase your max health chunk, Elektrum allows you to purchase exclusive items from Herms’ shop, and Coins of Charon allows you to upgrade skills and abilities. While here, ensure reading how to get the Valor of the Solider Helm and Breastplate. These are crucial artifacts in the game that can make your character stronger to overcome the challenges that the game throws at you.