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How To Get Elektrum In Immortals Fenyx Rising

Collect this crucial element.

Similar to Zeus’ Lighting, Ambrosia, and Coins of Charon, elektrum is an element in Immortals Fenyx Rising. However, unlike the other elements, collecting Elektrum is not easy. In fact, currently, there is only a specific way to get Elektrum in Immortals Fenyx Rising. Here’s how you can easily collect Elektrum.

Immortals Fenyx Rising: How to Get Elektrum


You need to complete live tasks to get Elektrum in Immortals Fenyx Rising. You will get these live tasks from Hermes when you are at the Hall of the Gods in the Valley of Eternal Spring. Once you are at the Hall of Gods, Hermes will show you a board called “Hermes’s Heroic Tasks Board.”

This board has two columns, the left column titled “Heroic Tasks” lists basic tasks, and the right column titled “Live Tasks” lists live tasks. Completing the Heroic tasks will get you other in-game currencies like Zeus’ Lighting, Ambrosia, and Coins of Charon. On the other hand, completing the live tasks will get you Elektrum in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

collect elektrum in immortals fenyx rising


You can only access live tasks while online, and since they are live tasks, they will keep on rotating all day long. There is a specific timer set on each live task. If you can complete the tasks within the given time, you will receive a small amount of Elektrum. The amount you get largely depends on the difficulty of the task and how well you complete it.

To complete these live tasks, you need to accept them from Hermes’s Heroic Tasks Board. Once you accept them, they will show up on the map. You can then complete them by going to the location and fulfilling the required tasks. Once you complete the task, head back to the Hall of Gods and turn them in to get Elektrum.

Once you have collected enough Elektrum, you can use them to purchase items from Hermes’ constantly cycling store. These items are special and can only be purchased from Hermes’ store.


That’s everything you need to know about how to get Elektrum in Immortals Fenyx Rising. While here, ensure reading other guides to get used to the mechanics of the game. You can read how to skip time, get Coins of Charon, get Purple Adamantine Shard, and save your game progress in Immortals Fenyx Rising.