Idle Mastermind Cheat Codes (August 2023)

Want to use some cheat codes in Idle Mastermind? These are the cheats you should try.

Like most games, cheats codes for Idle Mastermind make it all the better. But unlike other games, the cheats work here more like gift codes. This is a mobile game developed by Grumpy Rhino Games. What’s interesting here is unlike most games, where you are the hero, and save the world, this game makes you a villain. You can choose the villain that you want to play between Dr. DOS, Yara, or LOL and make a lair that suits them. While also having the ability to hire henchmen, raid cities, fight superheroes, and more. So if you find this game’s concept funny or interesting here are some cheat codes that you can use in Idle Mastermind to get Wheel Tickets, Corruptionite, Gems, and other freebies.

All Idle Mastermind Cheat Codes (August 2023)

Idle Mastermind Codes

Last checked for these cheat codes on 18 July 2023.

Working Codes

  • FREEBIE: Redeem this cheat code to get 3 Wheel Tickets.
  • CORRUPT: Redeem this cheat code to get 150 Corruptionite.

While entering the above codes it is recommended you directly copy and paste it from here. But if you do manually type them you must know these codes are almost always of 7 letters only. Don’t make a typo because that will change the cheat and make it invalid.

Expired Codes

Below are all the codes that you can no longer use.

  • BOOOOO!: Redeem this cheat code to get some rewards.
  • SNOWMAN: Redeem this cheat code to get 15 Candy Canes.
  • EVILEGG: Redeem this cheat code to get 25 Henchman tokens.
  • SOEARLY: Redeem this cheat code to get 200 Gems.
  • BETAEND: Redeem this cheat code to get 250 Gems.
  • NEWBIES: Redeem this cheat code to get 100 Gems.

How to Use Idle Mastermind Cheat Codes

Use Idle Mastermind Cheat Codes

  1. Launch Idle Mastermind on your phone.
  2. Click on the Settings button with the gear icon.
  3. On the bottom right corner will be a textbox that says “Enter Cheat Code”.
  4. Enter the above cheats and click on the OK button.

If it works the game will show a popup of the rewards you earned. Else nothing will happen if it has expired.

How to Get More Codes

The best place to look for more cheat codes is the developer’s Twitter @GrumpyRhinoGame. Here you can also find other upcoming updates related to the game. You can also join their Facebook page. And don’t forget to bookmark this page for more cheat codes.

That sums up this list of cheat codes for Idle Mastermind. You should also check out our Codes section to get redeem codes in other Mobile games. And for other cheats check out our Console Commands.