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Hydro 16 Fortnite Location: Where Is Hydro 16 In Fortnite Map?

Want to collect metal at Hydro 16 but don't know where it is on the map in Chapter 2 Season 3? This guide on the Hydro 16 Fortnite location will help you out.

One of Fortnite week 9 challenges is about Collecting Metal at Hydro 16. Players who are already acquainted with the map may already know where it is. But if you are new and want to know where is Hydro 16 in Fortnite, this guide will show you exactly that. Here’s the Hydro 16 Fortnite Location.

Where to Find Hydro 16 in Fortnite (Location)

This place can be found in the southern area of the Fortnite map (D7), right where it is marked in the image below. It is to the north west of Misty Meadows and to the east of Slurpy Swamp.


Thankfully, the Hydro 16 Fortnite location is packed with things that will give you a lot of metal. Simply land on this place and start farming metal right away. You can make the most of everything you see that can give you metal like machines in the factory, lampposts, trash cans etc. Keep collecting until you reach 200 which is pretty simple to do considering this area has an abundance of it. You won’t have to search too hard.

Since there will be a lot of fierce competition to collect metal at Hydro 16, you can be extra careful of incoming enemies. Have your weapon ready and take down opponents in your vicinity. Even though there’s a lot of metal available, it’s always better to ensure that you have enough for yourselves. You can even build up to the roof if you want or land there first. Once you complete this challenge called Collect Metal at Hydro 16, you will get 35,000 XP.

That’s all about the challenge at the Hydro 16 Fortnite location. Another week 9 challenge asks you to find the Camp Cod locations in Fortnite and Stoke campfires there. If you want to know how to do that as well, head over to our linked guide. You will find all the information you need to complete the challenge easily. Plus, don’t forget to check our other latest Fortnite guides to become the top Fortnite player.