Hunt Showdown PS4 Control Guides – How to Play

By Raaj
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Hunt Showdown PS4 is a horror survival game where you will be hunting a lot of monsters and other hunters. It is a challenging game where you have multiple challenges. So if you are new to the game then here is a complete control guide. In this Hunt Showdown PS4 Controls guide you will learn how to use Dark Sight, Movements and Combat controls. So let’s begin.

Hunt Showdown PS4 Control Guides

In Hunt Showdown after taking down a contract, you will be hunting down monsters. And the monsters are hidden somewhere on the map. To find them you will have to discover clues using Dark Sight.

How to find clues using Dark Sight Ability in Hunt Showdown?

Hunt Showdown PS4 Controls Guide

Press and hold R1 to use Dark Sight, when you hold the key the screen turns black and white. The clues glow in blue, it will not give you the exact locations but a direction. So start walking to the location, you will have to find three clues to finally find the Monster, which will trigger a Boss fight. Use Right joystick to move around and L to move in that particular direction. The kind of monster you are hunting will be displayed on the left top corner of the screen. Like the one, you can see in the Hunt Showdown PS4 map.

How to use Heal or Stop Bleeding or Burning in Hunt Showdown?

Fire can damage your health permanently so if you find yourself on fire press Square. If you are attacked to stop bleed press Square. Press R2 to heal yourself with Medkit or Vitality Shot.

How to sprint, crouch, Jump or interact in Hunt Showdown?

Press the Left Joystick to sprint in Hunt Showdown. Sprinting will increase your speed allowing you to escape in tough situations. Press Circle to couch and X to jump over obstacles. Press Square to interact with anything. For example, if you want to pick up ammo or lanterns, then walk near and press Square.

How to open Equipment Menu and Switch Weapons in Hunt Showdown?

Hold L1 and then use the Right Joystick to select equipment from your inventory. It can be consumable to restore your health. Like Bandages. To switch from Primary Weapon to second press Triangle. Click that again to switch weapons.

How to find a monster in Hunt Showdown?

Use Dark Sight by pressing and holding R1 to locate clues glowing in blue. Then open your map and you will find the next location of your target.

Can I see Hunters using Dark Sight ability in Hunt Showdown?

Yes, you can see other hunter’s location for a short while using Dark Sight ability. But it is only possible when you are carrying a bounty.

How to perform a Melee Attack on enemy or monsters in Hunt Showdown?

Press the right joystick (R3) once to perform a regular melee attack. If you want to perform a heavy melee attack then Press and hold the Right Joystick. If you press it once you can perform a regular melee attack, but if you press and hold it you can punch down an enemy. Remember using Melee attacks will consume stamina.

How to use Gun in Hunt Showdown?

By pressing Triangle you can switch between Primary and Secondary weapon, now to shoot press R2. To aim and shoot hold L2 first this will allow you to get accurate headshots. And to reload your weapon press square.

How to revive in Hunt Showdown?

If any of your partners is down you can revive him unless a healthy chunk is left. Walk near him and hit Square to revive your partner. But if you are down and there is no one around to help then you can revive yourself by using one of the three items. Vitality Shot, First Aid Kit or Health Station. When you start the banishing ritual all your health chunks will be a store, but it will also expose your location to other hunters. Health and Stamina are restored automatically if you can find a safe place to hide. You can mark down a Hunter in the game as soon as you spot him. This will help your friend to know its location and assist you in killing.

After going through the Hunt Showdown PS4 guide you can easily understand how to play the game, how to find monsters and combat. Check out our Hunt Showdown Beginngesr guide and stay tuned for more updates.