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Hunt Showdown PS4 Beginners Guide – Everything You Must Know

Beginners Tips and Tricks

Hunt Showdown is out for PS4, this first-person survival horror game brings up a thrilling environment where you will either hunt or get hunted. The game comes with pretty interesting gameplay, on the onside you can hunt down a monster, banish them to hell with the help of your friends. While on the other side you can get hunted by other players, set in the 18th century Hunt Showdown is an amazing horror game. Here is a Hunt Showdown PS4 beginngers guide where you will learn everything about the game. How to start, what are bounty tokens, what are contract, Hunt Showdown PS4 controls and lot more. So let’s begin.

Hunt Showdown PS4 Beginners Guide

Hunt Showdown has a Training section if you are entirely new to this game you can start playing the Training to understand how everything works. The training section gives you three levels to try one, Basic, Advanced, and Professional. The higher the risk the better the rewards. So it is one you what you pick to start with. One of the key aspects to survive in this game is sounds and indicators. Like the clue turns red which means there are enemies nearby. Such hints will save you life. Below are some important beginner’s tips for Hunters Showdown PS4.

  1. You will start with Tier 1 Hunter in Hunt Showdown, the very basic of Ranks. You will level up as you earn XP by taking down monsters and surviving other hunters.
  2. You can hire Hunters from Tier 1 even if you are not having enough money. And also you cannot sell the equipment of this hunter.
  3. You can customize your Hunter Character from the game menu. You can carry two weapons, one primary like rifles and secondary like pistols.
  4. There is a tool section allowing you to carry objects, your character inventory will also hold consumables to restore health.
  5. You can enhance your character’s strength by Traits that will offer you some additional abilities.
  6. There are explosives and Lanterns. You can throw Lantern to kill enemies fast, by throwing them it burns down enemies in a good radius. But stay or else you will lose your Health Bar.
  7. There are three Tiers of Hunters, you can hire a stronger one only if your bloodline rank is higher or else you can go with lower ones.
  8. Enemies in Hunt Showdown carry weapons like Torches and Blades, you can grab them for your use.
    After your hunter level passes a bonus gate you will get more XP in your Bloodline. Higher hunters level the more XP you will earn.
  9. If you face Hellhounds kill the entire pack before using a bandage.
  10. You can destroy hive swarms using melee attacks, with blunt and slash damage
  11. If you face immolator in Hunt Showdown PS4 you can destroy him by gunshots. You can also kill him by a melee attack. He will burst into flames with a gunshot.
  12. Use Concertina Bomb wisely, if you place it on an entry alert your friends. It will damage both monsters and your team members equally.
  13. A successful banishment will unlock Two Bounty Tokens, but a player can pick only one.
  14. To improve a weapon adds more traits, for example for a Sniper use traits that can improve aim. You can do the same to improve reload speed and other weapon attributes.

How to play Hunt Showdown PS4?

Using Dark Sight you will have to find three clues that will take you to the target. For example, you had taken a contract to hunt down a Spider, then use Dark Sight on the map to find three clues to find the exact location of Spider’s lair. Once you find the Liar you will have to fight the boss, one of the fastest ways to kill it is using explosives and fires. Clues will turn red if there are other enemy hunters nearby, kill them first to grab the clue.

After killing the monster you have to start banishing ritual. If you are able to survive till the end of the ritual you can collect your reward from the monster’s corpse. Now to escape with your rewards you will have to take the Bounty Token to the extraction point. There are three exaction points on the map, but if you find yourself surrounded or wounded you can end the mission. You will lose the Bounty Token but your Hunter will be saved.

When you approach a monster to use Dark Sight to listen to the demonic whispering of the monster. If it is aggressive then it means there are more hunters nearby. So you have to plan your strategy in that way. For example, Rifts will glow red when hunters are nearby, kill them first.

You can identify some monsters easily, for example, the Meathead. If you are in a region where huge leaches attack you be ready to face the monster. In this way, a lot of clues can help you figure that you are very near to the monster. Also, some monster has protection from damage, like Armored, who has a husk-like growth on his body. It makes him immune to damages, but you can use fire or stabbing attacks to kill the monster.

How to use the Map Hunt Showdown PS4?

Press options to open the Map in Hunt Showdown. The map will give you a lot of info about you and your teammate’s location. You will be a blue marker with an arrow while your teammates will be marked in the blue circle. A carriage is the supply point from where you can get ammo and other items. The red marker is the final location of the monster while a three-line marker will take you to the extraction point.

How to release Bounty Token in Hunts Showdown?

Find three clues, take down the final monster and then go near the corpse of the dead boss and press Square to initiate Banishing Ritual. You will have to survive the ritual because after you do this your location is exposed to other hunters. Once the Banishing ritual is complete you can extract Bounty Token.

What are Extraction Points in Hunts Showdown?

There are three extraction points on the map that complete the mission. You have to safely reach them and defend yourself. This is the final part of your Contract, after getting out safely you will unlock all kinds of rewards and rank up faster.

Watch out for Health Chunks In Hunt Showdown PS4?

There are three health chunks or slabs in Hunt Showdown. When you are downed you will lose one. Your teammate can revive you multiple times until you have the health slabs left. Once all three are over you are gone. So here if you are attack try to run away, if you are burning Hold Square to stop the fire. Do the same when you are bleeding. Try to save the health at all cost, if only one last chunk is left and you loose that you will be out of the game.

I am going to add more Hunt Showdown PS4 beginner’s tips as I explore the game. Thanks for reading.