Hungry Shark Evolution Mod: Infinite Coins and Gems

Infinite coins and gems, all Sharks unlocked, activating God mode, and much more...

You are on a rampage – grinding bones, chowing down on massive loads of sushi, sinking down fishing boats, and damaging submarines. Yes, you are an angry shark that has gone berserk because of its hunger. Your aim in this game is to be well fed at all times and be away from all kinds of dangers. As you eat more and more, you grow in size and so does your capacity to eat. This makes you more vulnerable to hunger. Eating various kinds of fishes and other sea creatures earns coins and gems that you can use to unlock other sharks – 11 in total, along with limited edition ones that unlock only in special events.

As you progress in the game, you realize your vulnerability to jellyfishes, fishermen, underwater mines, submarines, torpedos, and sharks bigger than you. As enticing it sounds, you are compelled to upgrade your shark frequently which will cost you coins and reviving your shark will cost you gems. If you wish to play as all the sharks from the very beginning and not have to spend timing earning them, The Hungry Shark Evolution Mods are just the perfect choice for you.

There are 3 kinds of Mods for this game, with an increasing level of flexibility in unlocking the features of this game. This means that you can choose to unlock only certain items for free and earn the rest of it yourself. Let us have a look at the mods –

Mod 1

  • Infinite coins – It lets you buy all the 11 sharks along with upgrades in skills and props to dress your sharks.
  • Infinite Gems – It allows you to revive your shark multiple times in a single game, thereby allowing you to pump up your high score.

Mod 2

  • Infinite Coins
  • Infinite Gems
  • Unlock Kempy Lab – This is professor Kempstein’s Lab which was a new feature unlocked in the Halloween update 2013. This lab has genetically birthed 8 deadly sharks that you can unlock only after achieving +350,000 coins. These sharks are Robo shark, Electro shark, Ice shark, Pyro shark, Natasha the Narwhal, Ghost Shark, Sharkeleon, and the Wereshark. But with this mod, you can very well go ahead and test these sharks out, they are all yours to feed.
  • Unlock Secret Arena – These are off-the-map hidden treasure-laden dens which are rare to come by. All kinds of mysterious fishes and items lurk around these waters and would take you hours of gameplay to find them all. With this mod, you already have it targeted on your map, you just have to reach there and enjoy the secret delicacies.

Mod 3

  • Infinite Coins
  • Infinite Gems
  • Unlock Kempy Lab
  • Unlock Secret Arena
  • Massive Attack – This increases your attacking capabilities towards fishermen and submarines. You can instill more damage than usual
  • Infinite Boost – Your speed booster never dries out, thus enabling you to keep a steady fast pace at all times.
  • Infinite Gold Rush – Gold Rush is a limited-time event in the game that turns all sea creatures and humans into gold. This allows you to earn stupendous amounts of gold, but in a very short period of time. With this mod, your gold reserves are sorted for life, cause all you eat will amount to coins.
  • Activate God Mode – Just like GTA San Andreas with cheats, you are invincible and basically creating havoc down there just for fun. Totally worth it.

These were the three mods available online for the Hungry Shark Evolution. For more mods, check out our Mod guides.