AC Valhalla Hrothgar Zealot Location: Follow This Guide To Find Hrothgar

Here's an ultimate guide on where to find Hrothgar in AC Valhalla.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has a total of 15 Zealot that you need to hunt down if you want to achieve the Disorder of the Ancients achievement. One such Zealot is Hrothgar. Unlike other Zealots, finding Hrothgar is a bit hard because his spawn can bug out.

If have been having trouble solving Hrothgar Spawn Zealot location bug in AC Valhalla then this guide will teach you how to fix it.

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AC Valhalla: Hrothgar Spawn Zealot Location

To fix the Hrothgar Spawn Zealot location bug in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you should try hard to find him. Apart from that, you can also try restarting the game and see what happens. It should be noted that there is no specific solution to this because Hrothgar spawns at random locations every time.

He roams around Suthsexe, commonly around Crawleah. However, sometimes he spawns as far north as Briggworth. So, what all you need to do is use your raven to track him down and eliminate, especially if you have already burned the Zealot note after sparing Leofrith.

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Yes, there is no bug, it is just quite difficult to locate Hrothgar in AC Valhalla. We are not saying that he can’t bug out because he absolutely can. There are multiple people on Reddit claimed to have found him standing in one place.

According to a Reddit user, keep your cursor over the grey diamond that marks Crawleah, move your mouse or thumbstick as West (to the left) as possible until you reach the Embert River (first river you will run into by going west from Crawleah). There, you will find him chilling in the river.

Hrothgar Spawn Zealot Location

To discover Hrothgar Zealot in AC Valhalla, the best thing is to search Suthesexe up and down. You will definitely find him somewhere in the region. He can be anywhere but will not cross the region. So, make sure to use Raven to scan the whole area and you will find him.

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The only reason why tons of people are trying hard to discover Hrothgar Zealot in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is they would not be able to get Excalibur without defeating him. Yes, he holds one of the tablets that you should have to obtain the legendary sword.

How To Beat Hrothgar In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Hrothgar is a powerful enemy like all other Zealot, this means beating him will require a lot of patience and perfectly timed dodges and parry moves. Make sure to have the Missile Reversal Skill. This will allow you to grab and throw all of the projectile attacks that Hrothgar can come up with.

If you see a yellow rune attack, make sure to parry that attack and then counter with your own for added advantage. If there’s a red rune attack this means that you cannot block or parry it and you will need to dodge out of the way.

We recommend that you use the Sepulcher Fire Axe to defeat Hrothgar as it has the ability to cast fire and cause added damage helping you defeat your enemies easier.

Apart from Excalibur, there are more amazing armours and weapons you can unlock in Valhalla. For an instant reference check our Valhalla Wiki guide.