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How to Fix Fortnite Crew ‘We Hit A Roadblock’ Error on Samsung Galaxy Tablet or Phone?

Are you struggling to buy Fortnite Crew Subscription on Samsung Galaxy devices and facing errors then read this guide for a solution.

Facing a problem with the Fortnite Crew Subscription service on a Samsung Galaxy device then read this guide. Users have reported facing a Fortnite “We hit a Roadblock Critical Error” while trying to buy or renew the service. In this article, I am going to help you with fixing the issue to resolve this error.

Fornite We Hit a Roadblock Error Solution


Fortnite hit a Roadblock Error Message Fix

If you are playing Fortnite on Samsung smart device and trying to buy the monthly subscription then you may land on this error. While purchasing the monthly plan you will go through an on-screen error saying “We hit a Rockblock” and won’t allow you to move further to buy it. Here is the full error code.

We Hit A Roadblock We’ve encountered a critical error with your purchase. Our team has been dispatched to resolve the issue. We will confirm when your purchase has been completed.


Fortnite is working on the solution. This error is restricted to Samsung devices only. The current solution to resolve this error is to wait for an update. It is a server-related error causing an issue while buying a Fortnite Crew Subscription. The error is still active and faced by many users around the globe. The actual fix is still under review, Fortnite team has acknowledged this error on Twitter and the developer is working on the processes to resolve it.

The issue is linked with buying a new Fortnite Crew subscription. You can try buying this online if you are unable to purchase this on Samsung Galaxy Smartphone or Samsung Galaxy Tablets. By default, your account is logged in as you start playing the game. Make sure you are using the exact same account you used to buy Fortnite Crew Subscription.

Before we end this guide there are some common fixes you try out to resolve  Fortnite Crew ‘We Hit A Roadblock’ Error.


  • Click on the game in Epic Launcher.
  • Click on the three dots on the game.
  • Click on Verify game files.

This process will restore any damaged game Fortnite files, but this will work on a PC. For smartphones and tablets, you can just sync the account which you are using to buy the subscription.