How To Easily Win Wall Guys In Fall Guys Season 2

Wall Guys in Fall Guys is the newest obstacle race that you need to climb 4 sets of walls to win. Check out how to always win in Wall Guys

Wall Guys is the brand-new obstacle in Fall Guys Season 2 and with the medieval themed settings of knights and wizards, you will often find yourself against climbing over 4 walls to win the race. It is easier to win if you know exactly what you’re doing if you do not check out this guide and soon you will ace through Wall Guys in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 2.

How To Win Wall Guys In Fall Guys Season 2

Wall Guys sounds like a really tough task and as we’ve seen in Season 1, the characters aren’t that great at balancing themselves. Wall Guys race in Fall Guys Season 2 requires you to climb over walls and get to the finish line.

It is a daunting and exhaustive task for those who do not know how to win almost every time and complete this obstacle course. For those who do, you’ll probably complete it before anyone else reaches the second wall of the course.

First, you need to understand the layout of this obstacle, Wall Guys has a set of 4 walls and a few blocks that you can use to move around to get a better advantage. To win this, you will need to find a way that’s the least contested.

how to win wall guys in fall guys season 2

So, when you’re on the first wall in Wall Guys, make sure to find a way that has the least number of players there. Climb onto to a box as you would and then onto the first wall, once here what you need to do is run across the wall until you find the largest box in the second area and jump onto that box.

From here, your strategy will change as you will need to keep three in-game mechanics in mind and those are: JUMP, DIVE, and GRAB.

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Use all of these three in the game to race yourself to victory. From the first wall, what you need to do is find another box that is at least the same height as you’re on and then jump on to it.

From the box, keep moving towards the wall and when you jump don’t forget to dive to cover large distances or grab if the box is at a height higher than yours.

When you get to the wall, you will by default need to press the Grab button and cling on to the walls to pull yourself over to the next play area.

Keep doing this and you will almost every time reach the finish line before anyone else. This is all there is to know about how to win Wall Guys in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 2.

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