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How to Equip and Use Quickhacks in Cyberpunk 2077?

Confused about how to use quickhacks then read this guide.

If you had played Watch Dogs Legion, then the Quickhack mechanism will not be new. You can hack and scan devices or people in Cyberpunk 2077. By aiming at a device or a person a Quickhack menu unlocks in CP2077. For example Distract, Remote Deactivation, Friendly Mode, etc. In this article, we will discuss everything about using Quickhacks in the game. It is an important part of the game allowing you to maintain your stealth mode.

What are Quickhacks? How to Equip and use Quickhacks?


Quickhacks are part of Cyberware, they come pre-attached to the upgrades. Quickhacks consume RAM, if nothing is left it will not work. RAM is required to activate each quickhack in CP2077. The type of these hacks varies depending on the Cyberware you unlock in the game. You will need to unlock additional ram in CP2077 to use the hacks for a longer time.

CP2077 Quick Hacks Cyberdeck

Go to Inventory and look at the Cyberdeck on the bottom right of the clothing selection screen. Active mods are displayed on the right. At the start, V will have 2 mods slots unlocked. As you progress you can unlock more slots.


CP2077 Quick Hacks Equip

Double click on the mod to select it and switch it with a different one. You can do this anytime during the main missions. This is how you can equip quickhacks in CP2077.

CP2077 Quick Hacks


To use Quickhacks go to Scanner Mode. Place the reticle over any object or person to reveal information and important data. If the object or the person is hackable you will see a list of hacks. This is the Quickhack menu, from here you can select the type of hack to run.

Types of Quichacks in Cyberpunk 2077

There are four types of Quichacks in CP2077. Device quickhacks, Combat quickhacks, covert quickhacks, and control quickhacks.  Below is the list of every quickhacks you will find in CP2077.


List of Devices Quickhacks: Hack devices, computers, screens, turrets, etc.

    1. Distract Enemies: Hack a device to malfunction, easy to distract nearby people. Ideal for stealth missions.
    2. Remote Deactivation: Open/Close doors, or switch off security cameras, etc.
    3. Camera Control: Control the camera to expand your view or scan the area easily.
    4. Breach Protocol: Breach the ICE system in the area to make enemies vulnerable to quick hacks.
    5. Initiate Overload: Destroy electrical devices by overloading them.
    6. Friendly Mode: Hack the recognition module to create a cover. You will be identified as a friend in restricted zones. Turrets and cameras will assist you in combat by attacking your enemies in combat.
    7. Assist Mode: Override turret controls, and operate it manually.
    8. Take Control: Remotely control a turret or a computer.

List of Combat Quickhacks: Boost damage, attack enemies, etc.

  1. Short Circuit: 140 Electrical damage to the target, best against drones, mechs, robots, and target weak spots.
  2.  Contagion: An Non-Lethal Quickhack that causes low poison damage on the target. Can spread among two targets in an 8m radius.
  3. Overheat: An Non-Lethal Quick hack that causes slow-burn damage on the target. Target will unable to perform any action due to overheating. Avoid using it against drones, mechs, and robots.
  4. Detonate Grenade: Hack the targets neural cyberware. This forces them to activate a grenade and hold it until it explodes.
  5. Synapse Burnout: Moderate damage depending on the remaining health of the target. Avoid using it against drones, mechs, and robots.

List of Cover Quickhacks: Stealth and exploration hacks.

  1. Ping: Ping target’s network which reveals all people and devices connected to it.
  2. Reboot Optics: Temporarily blind target by resetting their optical cyberware.
  3. Memory Wipe: Forces target to exit combat state.
  4. Whistle: Lure target toward your location.
  5. Request Backup: Call one enemy squad member.

List of Control Quickhacks: Hacks for crowd control.

  1. Sonic Shock: Blocks your target hearing, they cannot detect sound. Also, prevent the target from calling backup.
  2. Cyberware Malfunction: Block targets movement or resistance. Best against fast targets.
  3. Cripple Movement: Locks target at the current position.
  4. Weapon Glitch: Lock target weapons, reduce weapons accuracy, and disable smart tracking as well as obstacle penetration.

This was the list of all quickhacks in CP2077. Also, you learned about how to use quickhacks. There is still more to unlock in Cyberpunk 2077. For this, you will have to check our massive CP2077 Wiki guide.