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Elden Ring – How To Use Pouch?

Here's our guide on how to use and equip items in a pouch in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring has tons of mechanics and aesthetics that will make you awe-struck over its beauty. It does not allow players to tweak their difficulty mode but that’s the best part as it gets more challenging. What will thy do in the heat of combat against a giant mystical being? fight obviously! But you would also need a quick item bar or menu to equip different items aside from weapons. Pouches can be quite handy and faster to use items in situations like such. So, here’s our guide on how to use and equip items in a pouch in Elden Ring.

How to Use Pouch in Elden Ring?


  • Most of the players are slightly confused over using pouch as the game does not give much of a tutorial or guide.
  • Pouches are similar to hotkeys or quick item bar you can use to equip items faster.
  • There are ten item slots in a pouch and you can quickly use four of them with a directional key in an instant.

how to use a pouch in elden ring

  • Here are the default keybindings to use different items from the pouch:
    • For PC players: Hold button E and press any directional key to access one of the four items you have assigned.
    • For PS players: Hold the triangle button on your controller and hit any assigned directional key.
    • Xbox players: Hold the Y button and press any of the directional keys you have assigned for the item.
  • We suggest assigning these four slots with items you use most often and spontaneously.
  • One of the examples of this can be the Spectral Steed whistle to summon your Torrent horse mount. As it will be most convenient to summon your horse quicker.
  • You can also assign Ashnen remains, consumables, or other flasks into the pouch and use them during combats.


How to Equip Items to a Pouch?

  • Open the main menu by pressing the default keybind.
  • You will notice different slots on the top-right in the pouch section.
  • As the game does not pause, go someplace safer with fewer enemies around you.
  • Select a slot with a directional key you want to equip.
  • As you select an item, you will notice the Switch option to change or equip an item.
  • Click on the Switch option to change or equip items to the slot from inventory.
  • Then, you can use these assigned items from a pouch with the keybinds as mentioned above.

That’s all on how to use and equip items in a pouch in Elden Ring. If you liked this guide, make sure to check our other guides on how to power stance, how to use infinite rune farming, and what do you lose when you die in Elden Ring right here on Gamer Tweak.