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How To Use Ingots In BG3 To Get Gold or Upgrade Gears?

Silver Ingots are fairly available and can be used to get some gold. Here is a detailed guide on using Ingots.

Ingots are a form of collectible items in BG3. Silver Ingots are the most common and widely available during the start of Baldur’s Gate 3. They get piled up in the inventory and take up space. During the early hours, they are not really useful for anything but can be utilized later. Either for getting gold for upgrading gears. Keep reading to know more about using ingots in BG3.

How to Use Ingots To Get Gold?

BG3 Ingots Workbench

BG3 has three types of Ingots, they are Gold, Silver, and Bronze. As you explore different chests, fight enemies, etc. you will find ingots a lot. One of the best ways to use ingots is to sell them. Each of these has a specific value, that in return brings in some amount of Gold. Gold can be later used for upgrades and buying items.

You can sell Bronze for 25, Silver for 50, and Gold Ingots for 100 Gold coins. So instead of throwing them out find a vendor and sell them off. Some cash is always good that can help you to buy powerful gear and weapons. Here is a guide on BG3 Gold Farming, if you need more ways to find gold then read this.

How to Use Silver Ingots to Upgrade Gears?

BGB3 Silver Ingots

As you progress further in the game you will unlock a Workbench at your camp. This workbench will allow you to use Silver Ingots to upgrade gears. This is still not confirmed because the usage of Silver Ingots has been not unlocked in our playthrough. But we are looking into the same, and will soon update this guide.

Until then you can best choose to sell all Ingots in exchange for Gold. Remember there are price variations among vendors. It is best to have a look and mark down what prices you are offered against different items. Sell to the one that gives you maximum gold. Till then you visit our BG3 Guides section for more informative tips and tricks on the game.