How To Upgrade Xbox Game Pass To Ultimate For One Dollar

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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate brings the best deal of the year, at an unbelievable price of $1 you can signup for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and enjoy amazing benefits. The pass includes all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold, where you get two to four games free every month, plus you can save upto 50-75% on the Xbox Store purchases. There are more 100 high-quality games available for free and you can get unlimited access to each of them. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be rewarded with an Xbox Exclusive title the day they are released, with exclusive member deals and discounts.

By paying $1 you can convert upto 36 months of Xbox Live Gold to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with this offer. There are chances you can easily get the pass until 2021 if you have already paid enough for Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass. So it is pretty easy to get the entire 2020 covered with the deal. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate current offer will cost $1 for the first month and then $15 per month after the first one is over.

If you have six months of Xbox Live Gold and you pay the $1 upgrade fee you get six months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. As per the official conditions you have upto 36 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate under this offer.

The deal is nice and there are no hidden things behind the offer so it is worth to go for. The deal is going to end soon and after the actual price will be restored to $15 per month. It is still active and there might be a few hours left. So grab it now.