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How To Upgrade Units In Ancestor Legacy PS4

Tips to upgrade units

Having a large army is pointless if most of them are lowly skilled and not good enough to carry out battles, upgrading units is one of the key elements of Ancestors Legacy and this guide will show you how to upgrade units in Ancestors Legacy.

How to upgrade units in Ancestors Legacy


You will need to level up, your troops will gain experience by successfully defeating enemies, and because of this, they will level up sooner than expected. Increase their stats and combat abilities, defense capabilities or mobility.

Make sure that your upgrades also fulfill your mission goals, upgrade skillfully and strategically to improve your army and they will certainly perform better.

Strengthening units will instill you with confidence in their abilities, make sure that you have most as much as possible units upgraded before launching an attack.



Giving better equipment to your troops will make their job a lot easier, purchase and or build better and longer-lasting equipment by investing a good amount of resources.

Make sure that you upgrade your shieldbearers as they can take a lot of damage and you will need to spend a lot of iron, so make sure that you have plenty of it.


Technology development

Upgrading can also be done from the same building used to recruit new troops, you can also new abilities for your troops to use in battles. Abilities differ from one unit to another, get well versed and upgrade wisely.

You can also unlock upgrades at a Blacksmith and you can also get temporary upgrades at the places of worship.


This is all there is to know about how to upgrade units in Ancestors Legacy