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How to upgrade Final Fantasy 14 on PS5?

Final Fantasy 14 is now available on PS5. Read further to find out how you can upgrade it.

The long-running RPG franchise is here with the update we all have been waiting for. Final Fantasy 14 got a revival in 2012 and after that has had 3 expansion packs added to it. Every expansion pack brings something new and the latest (Shadowbringer) hitting it out of the park. The intriguing storyline is one of the best in the franchise, and the mesmerizing design, paired with incredible voice acting, just elevates the overall experience. The recent update made the game available on PS5, so let’s see how you can play Final Fantasy 14 on PS5.

How to get Final Fantasy 14 on PS5?


Final Fantasy 14 PS5

With the release of patch 5.5, players will access their current game data on the beta version available on PS5. Patch 5.5 was released on 13th April 2021. Players can log in to their PSN account on PS5, go to the store, and download the beta version. The process will be the same regardless you had the physical copy of the digital version of the game.

Game data will be retrievable as soon as you download the beta version on PS5. Regardless of hard copy or digital version, players should save their progress before trying to access their game data on the PS5 version.


The PS5 version will make the game available in 4K resolution for players, along with 3D audio. The PS5 version is set to have an increased frame rate, making the game look and feel smoother than ever. Even though the PS4 version already has a swift loading screen, the newer update promises to make it even faster. Do keep in mind this is a Beta version so that some features might be missing. As per the official announcement, the full version will release immediately after the beta testing is over.

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