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How To Update Minecraft On Windows 10

Cannot figure out how to update Minecraft on Windows 10? Make sure to check it out right here

Updating Minecraft on Windows 10 is pretty simple and automatic for the most part but there are few players that are having trouble with this, while the updates are never-ending if you wish to get every update without not doing much in the game, check this guide out.

How to Update Minecraft On Windows 10 (2021)


The easiest way to update Minecraft on Windows 10 is to open Minecraft Store, select the dots that you will be able to see on the top right corner, beside the search and sign in button. Here look for the option that says “Downloads and updates”. Select “Get Updates” and the game will be updated automatically on your Windows 10 device.

how to update minecraft on windows 10
To update Microsoft on Windows 10 check out the Microsoft Store

Once you have all the latest updates of Minecraft, you won’t encounter bugs or crashes that you were facing before and it will also help to rectify some issues or simply enhance the gameplay experience of Minecraft. With the latest shaders and RTX technology, if you have the hardware to support it, updating the game will let you experience all of that without having to do anything else.


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Getting the Minecraft updates on Windows 10 means that you will be able to play cross-platform with everyone who has the game except for the Java players. On the other hand, you will be able to play with all of your friends on PC, mobile, and consoles.

This is all there is to know about how to update Minecraft on Windows 10, the process is really simple and easy, and enabling the auto-update feature will ensure that you always get the latest updates on the first day itself.


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