How To Unlock Third Semester In Persona 5 Royal

By Raaj
5 Min Read

Persona 5 Royal brings in hours of new content and here is a walkthrough on how to access it. The third Semester in Persona 5 Royale is the biggest one that includes the final palace. Including this, there are in total 9 Palaces in Persona 5. You can unlock the third semester and the new palace only after meeting certain criteria. With over 10 to 12 hours of fresh new content, you cannot miss this one major update in P5R. In this guide, I will share step by step instructions on how to unlock the third semester and get access to the new palace.

How to unlock the Third Semester and enter New Palace?

To unlock new content in Persona 5 Royal, an important requirement is to rank three separate Confidants. They have to unlock certain ranks within a period. If you fail to meet this condition then you will miss an important fresh new feature of Persona 5 Royal. Some ranks are unlocked after days or by completing an event. Do not worry, this Personal 5 Royal guide will be concise and to an extent spoiler-free. But it is necessary to reveal some characters and dates. I am not going to reveal anything major, only the way to rank up Takuto Maruki so that you can see what is new in Persona 5 Royal. Along with unlocking new content, keep reading on how to get the true ending.

A most important condition is to raise newly added consular’s Rank by November 17. Sae Niijima will interrogate you on November 20th, make sure you answer all the questions correctly. Next important date is December 24, answer all question in the Velvet Room. After completing these requirements you will unlock the third semester in Persona 5 Royal.

There is one more way to unlock the third semester in Persona 5 Royale, a method by Gamespot. The video is above, watch it for more details. According to the video, you have to upgrade the ranks of three Confidants to unlock Persona 5 Royal third semester and get access to the new palace. They are:

1. Goro Akechi (Justice Confidant)

  • Tied to the story. Rank 1 unlocks when yo meet him first at the TV station in June.
  • You can find him at Kichijoji in P5R, enjoy some free time with him.
  • Rank 3 requires to have Knowledge and Charm.
  • Rank 6 is locked till September 3, you can find him in Leblanc.
  • Rank 7 and Rank will be unlocked until November 2. Unlock them before November 18.
  • Rank 8 is tough, be ready to fight, Rank 9 and 10 will be unlocked as the story progresses.

2. Kasumi Yoshizawa (Faith Confidant)

  • A new transfer student at Shujin Academy.
  • You can interact with her at the new park clean-up event on May 30.
  • This unlocks Rank 1 and you can follow up objectives with her to get maximum rank.
  • Holds Faith Arcana.

3. Goro Akechi (Justice Confidant)

  • New Counselor at Shujin Academy.
  • Holds Councilor Arcana.
  • Visit him during the story to unlock Rank.
  • Hangout with him in front of the nurse’s office on Monday and Friday to unlock Rank 2 to 5.
  • Rank 6 to 9 will be unlocked after September 20.
  • Rank 10 will be unlocked automatically on November 18. You have to unlock Rank 1 to 9 first.
  • He will raise your SP Cap and offer you ability like Detox, Flow, and Mindfulness.

After completing all the requirements you will unlock the third semester in Persona 5 Royal. It is essential to hang out with the confidants and get some additional points. With many dialogues only the right choice guarantees results. Do not engage in activities that affect your morale, it is necessary to access the 9th palace. The third semester in Persona 5 Royal adds a new adventure and boss.