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How To Unlock The Wooden Door In Dreams PS4

Saving Lancewing

After stopping the Train in the main mission of Taking Control of Dreams PS4 you will continue playing as Foxy and Frances. A small puzzle type game where you have to chase Lancewing who is taken away by the giant crow – Thornbeak. The door has multiple locks and it can be pretty confusing to unlock it. In this small guide, you can find a solution on how to unlock the door in Dreams PS4 to save Lancewing.

The Brown Wooden Door Puzzle Solution – Dreams PS4

From Art the scene shifts to Foxy and Frances where the chase begins. This new place has lots of traps, so you have to watch and jump. And one more thing you have to watch is when the crow shouts do not move. His shouting can break platforms, and shake grounds. The cages will move from their places but it will be restored soon after.

After the second checkpoint, you will have to jump through a hanging cage to reach the other side. Shoot the crow doll at the third checkpoint to unlock the path. Things are going to be a little tough. Before jumping wait for a while, because there will be a kind of explosion that will move the cage and spin the block with spikes. Let the noise pass and then move forward.

There will be a second doll at the fourth check point, shoot it and do not move when the platforms shake. Some of them are breakable, avoid the cage at the fifth checkpoint. This part ends at the sixth checkpoint, and all you have left is a big door with five locks.

To unlock this door refer to the image below or simply follow the pattern. Unlock the first one on the top left, and then the second one. Now unlock the one on the bottom right and then unlock the second at left. The last one is in the right-center.

Dreams PS4 Unlock the Wooden Door Puzzle

So this is how you can unlock the door in Dreams PS4, next there is another big puzzle coming up. For a short while, you are going to play as the robot, and then Art will have to solve a puzzle to access a Hotel.