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How To Unlock Unmakyr Secret Weapon In Doom Eternal

Here is how you can get one of the best weapon in Doom Eternal.

Unmakyr is one of the best weapons in Doom Eternal and you can unlock this amazing gun right from your space station. But there is a condition to unlock Unmakyr in Doom Eternal. You will have to complete Six Slayer Matches and get Six Empyrean Keys to unlock Unmakyr. It is very powerful can shoot down enemies in few bullets. Unmakyr can make you unstoppable in the game and here is a walkthrough Doom Eternal Unmakyr Unlock.

Unmakyr is a devastating rapid-fire weapon with widespread. It shares ammo with BFG, placed on the same place in the Weapon wheel you can swap between Unmakyr and BFG instantly.

Doom Eternal Unmakyr Secret Weapon Location:

Unmakyr is located in the fortress of Doom, your base in the game. The place where you will be teleport and travel to different locations during the campaign. Unmakyr is a secret weapon and locked, there is a long process to unlock it. But do not worry if you know what exactly to do you can get this weapon easily in Doom Eternal. First, in the Fortress of Doom, the floating castle just have a look on the weapon. It is located right in the lower region, refer the map screenshot to find Unmakyr in Doom Eternal.

Doom Eternal Unmakyr Location Screenshot

After completing all the slayer matches that will reward you Six Empryrean Keys return back to the Fortress of Doom and unlock the Unmakyr in Doom Eternal. You will be also rewarded a gold trophy – Meet the Unmakyr.

How to get 6 Empyrean Keys in Doom Eternal?

Doom Eternal Where to find Empyrean Keys?

To get the Empyrean keys you will have to play 6 slayer matches. Each of these matches is available in different missions of the campaign. To play Slayer Matches you will need a huge Slayer Key, which is provided to you during the missions. To save your time below are the Six Main Missions you must play to get Six Slayer keys. Later you can use the Slayer keys to unlock the Slayer Match zone, and winning it you will get an Empyrean Key.

  1. Mission 2 – Exultia
  2. Mission 3 – Clutist Base
  3. Mission 5 – Super Gore Nest
  4. Mission 6 – Arc Complex
  5. Mission 7 – Mars Core
  6. Mission 9 – Taras Nabad

If you check the Exploration section of all these six missions you will see each one has a 1 Empyrean Key. To get Empyrean keys you have to win Slayer Matches. They are marked in purple on the map. Each Slayer Match zone is locked and requires a Slayer Key. So first step is to find a Slayer Key and then win Slayer Match to unlock the Empyrean key in Doom Eternal.

How to find Slayer keys in Doom Eternal?

Doom Eternal Slayer Keys Location

Slayer Matches are locked, you access the location where you will fight you will need to find a Slayer Key first.  Slayer keys are huge purple keys very easy to locate. They are marked on the map in the form of a purple icon and the slayer match zone is a big round circle in the same color. So as you keep exploring it is really not that hard to ignore. Check the image above, on the left, you can see how Slayer Key is marked on the map. A tiny purple key, grab it and walk to the purple zone. Use the key at the door to enter the arena.

Once you are in the Slayer Match you will see a globe, walk near and it will teleport you to the Slayer Match. This is very challenging where you will fight with a horde of Demons for a specific time. There are no breaks no rest, just chaos. So be prepared before you enter, carry your strongest weapons and best possible mods.

Doom Eternal Empyrean key location

After winning the Slayer Match you will return back to the previous location where the globe will explode and you can grab Empyrean Key in Doom Eternal. Following the same method, you have to collect Six Empyrean keys to unlock Unmakyr in Doom Eternal. After collecting all the Empyrean keys return to the Fortress of Doom and unlock the Unmakyr.

It is tough to unlock the secret weapon in Doom Eternal but your hard work will pay off. The weapon is worth fighting for.