How To Unlock Showtime Skills In Persona 5 Royal

Showtime Skills are one of the most powerful moves you can use in Persona 5 Royal, this new move isn’t available from the start and you will need to unlock it. This guide will show you how to unlock Showtime Skills in Persona 5 Royal.

Showtime Skills allow players to team up and unleash a devastating attack, but there are certain conditions to be met. Read this guide further to know how to use them and exactly when you will unlock more of them.

How To Use Showtime Skills In Persona 5 Royal

Showtime Skills are one of the most powerful attacks you will have in Persona 5, and to unlock them you will need to progress in the main storyline until you clear Kaneshiro’s Palace. You will meet Jose and he will give you a star.

When you get to Kaneshiro’s Palace in the third dungeon, Morgana will talk about using Showtime Attacks but at that time it will only be limited to Ann and Morgana.

You will need specific pairing of certain characters in order to use Showtime Skills, activating them is completely random but before you try button-mashing hoping to activate these skills there are certain requirements that you need to do. You can trigger it with a Baton Pas or if any member of your party is below 50% health or the enemy is.

These are some of the conditions and you have to meet at least one of them to use Showtime Skills:

  • An enemy is critically injured during the battle.
  • A Shadow has been weakened.
  • A Baton Pass is given to a member of the party.
  • A character within the party has 50% health, or lower.
  • An ally within the party has been downed.
  • The protagonist has been downed.

There are different locations to unlock Showtime attacks and you can find them here in Persona 5 Royal:

How To Unlock Ann & Morgana’s Showtime Attack

6/21 Capture Kaneshiro Palace and go to the hideout.

How To Unlock Ryuji & Makoto’s Showtime Attack

6/22 Found in hideout after Kaneshiro Treasure Route.

How To Unlock Ryuji & Yusuke’s Showtime Attack

7/17 Before “Meat Festival”, progress through the Main Story.

How To Unlock Ann & Yusuke’s Showtime Attack

9/19 Found in hideout after capturing Okumura Palace.

How To Unlock Haru & Morgana’s Showtime Attack

9/20 Found in hideout after Okumura Treasure Route.

How To Unlock Makoto & Haru’s Showtime Attack

10/30 Found in hideout after commencing Niijima.

How To Unlock Akechi & Protagonist’s Showtime Attack

1/2 Found through progressing Main Story.

How To Unlock Sumire & Protagonist’s Showtime Attack

1/20 Found in hideout after maxing out Faith Confidant.

This is all there is to know, meeting Jose is important in order to unlock Showtime attacks and these will come handy as you progress in Persona 5 Royal. Check out other guides on Persona 5 Royal too.

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