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How To Unlock Panda Plateau Secret Mission In Minecraft Dungeons?

Want to know how to unlock the Panda Plateau secret mission in Minecraft Dungeons: Jungle Awakens? Then simply follow the steps given in this guide.

In Jungle Awakens, the new DLC of Minecraft Dungeons, you will find a lot of new content to play and enjoy. There’s the Desert Temple Secret Level and also a massive new boss called Jungle Abomination. Moreover, there is also a secret mission called the Panda Plateau. In this guide, we will help you unlock this secret mission easily. Here’s how to unlock Panda Plateau Secret Mission in Minecraft Dungeons.

Panda Plateau Secret Mission in Minecraft Dungeons

This secret mission can be found in the Dingy Jungle level. What you need to do is begin the Dingy Jungle level and continue playing through the Survive the Ambush objective and reach the Cross the Canyon objective. Then, look for a entrance to cave that looks something like this.


You have to take the path other than the one you would take for your mission objective. Once you find it, enter it and you will find yourself in an area with a lot of lava.

Here, you have to trigger three pressure plates in front of Panda statues which look like this.


When you activate all three of them, you have to walk towards the center of this area. Over here, you need to fight some more enemy mobs. It is important to finish off all the enemy waves because only then can a chest appear. Go ahead and collect everything the chest has to offer you.

Now move ahead along the path and look for the scroll. That’s how you will unlock the Panda Plateau Secret Mission. Finding this area is quite confusing but when you follow the steps given above, things will surely get easier for you.

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