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How To Unlock Enemy Skills In FF7 Remake – 4 Skills You Cannot Miss

Phantom, Smogger, Cerulean Drake & Malboro

In Final Fantasy 7 Remake there four unique enemy skills you can obtain from selected enemies. These four skills can be used during the battle that will help you to overpower enemies. To an extent, it is tough to Enemy Skills in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Because it can be unlocked only when you are playing FF7 Remake in Hard Mode. The objective is to deal with certain specific enemies and survive their attacks that permanently unlocks the Enemy Skills. To save your time in this FF7 Remake Enemy Skill guide you can find the location wise details of finding each skill.


FF7 Remake Enemy Skill Locations

Enemy Skills in Final Fantasy 7 Remake are abilities you learn from enemies, there are four located in different places. Unlocking all four will also reward you with Master of Mimicry Trophy. This trophy will not be unlocked on Easy, Classic or Normal difficulty settings, you have to play the game on hard mode. Below are the locations of enemy skills in FF7 Remake.

How to unlock Algid Aura:

Defeat Cerulean Drake on the third floor of Distillation Tower 2. The enemy will appear in Chapter 15, fight the enemy to unlock Algid Aura Enemy Skill in FF7 Remake.

  • Imbue with a magical aura that deals ice damage on contact

How to unlock Spirit Siphon:

Fight with Phantom, you will encounter the enemy in Chapter 14 during the Missing Children Side Quest in Sector 5 Slums. Defeating this enemy will unlock the Spirit Siphon Enemy Skill in FF7 Remake.

  • Drains HP from surrounding enemies. Cost 2 ATB.

How to unlock Self-Destruct:

Defeat Smogger, you will find this enemy in the same Chapter 14 in Intel Gathering Objective. Located in Sector 5 Slums, complete the objective to unlock Smogger Enemy Skill in FF7 Remake.

  • Deals a large amount of damage to enemies in the surrounding area while incapacitating self. Cost 2 ATB.

How to unlock Bad Breath:

Fight with Malboro, you will encounter this enemy in the Malboro combat simulator mission in Chapter 16. This mission only unlocks in the hard mode, complete the objective to unlock Bad Breath Enemy Skill in FF7 Remake.

  • Inflicts Poison, Silence and Sleep. Cost 2 ATB.

How to use Enemy Abilities?

Equip Enemy Materia to use Enemy abilities in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. When you equip this item press X to open the Command Menu. In the Abilities section, you will see Enemy Ability. Just pick one and you will be able to use it easily. Three of Enemy Abilities require 2 ATB. This means your ATB Gauge must be full, it already divided into two parts. Check our guide on how to refill ATB Gauge in FF7 Remake.

Where to find Enemy Materia?

Final Fantasy 7 Chadley Location


Enemy Materia is the only and most important item required to use Enemy Skill in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Complete Battle Intel Report 16, a quest by Chadley. You will find him soon enough in the game, he will give you many different quests. Look in the Residential Area of Sector 7 Slum Area. You can buy Enemy Materia from him, Summon Materia is free.

Where to find Chadley?

Chadlye is a boy in white uniform, he lives in Sector 7 Slums. In the begining when you enter Sector 7 Slums for the first time, Tifa will ask you to kill some monsters. Later you will be returning back to the Weapon Vendor who will reward you with Iron Blade. Exit the shop and go left, Chadley is standing next to Wymer in the corner. He will give you Assess Materia as reward of first meeting.

This is how you can unlock Enemy Skills in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, have fun playing.