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How To Unlock COD Warzone Bunker 11 – Number Station Code

Access code to the secret bunker

Want to know how to unlock Bunker 11 in Call of Duty Warzone? What is the Access Code to Bunker 11?

Here is a detailed guide on how to open Bunker 11 in Call of Duty Warzone. What is inside the bunker and how to find it the access code? Bunker 11 seems a mysterious one among the five bunkers that can be unlocked using a Red Access Card. As it cannot be unlocked using the access card, it requires special code, and here is how you can find it.

How to open Bunker 11 in COD Warzone?

To open Bunker 11 you will need to learn a little bit of Russian, the game developer had made things very complicated. To get Bunker 11 access code you will have to first listen to a message from Russian Commander who will share three codes in the Russian language. Translate that to English and then you will have to find three telephones to get the real code.

As soon you interact with all three right phones in the correct order the red light on Bunker 11 will turn green and it will be unlocked. There are tons of loots inside Bunker Eleven including MP7 weapon blueprints. One important thing inside Bunker 11 is a room with a nuclear weapon it accessible by crouching through a broken wall and press the red button. There is more info on what is inside the COD bunker 11 below. But first let’s find the hidden message, and then three telephones to finally unlock Bunker 11 in the game.

The first step is to find a specific phone that can give you the location of three other phones which will reveal the actual code to unlock bunker 11. The code phones are located in the following regions, here are map locations.

Gora DAM – Code Phone to unlock Bunker 11

COD Warzone Bunker 11 Access Code

Go to Gora Dam and land exactly on the building as marked on the map screenshot above. In that there is a control room type area where you will find three white phones. Interact with the one in the center and you will hear some messages in Russian. There are similar phones around the map. Here are their locations.

  • The TV Station – Top Floor, look inside the office.
  • Quarry
  • Military Base
  • Downtown – Inside a office in the big building.
  • Riverside – Inside a pink house on the front desk.

There are more these phones around the map and the process changes with every gameplay. So you might here something different, the logic is to translate that to English to get the actual code. You can listen to the message any time.

The three digits in the Dam control room are – 2, 8, and 0. The numbers will be random, but the process is the same. After getting these three digital code you will have to interact with phones scattered around the map. These phones are arranged in the form of Morse code, if you interact with them in the right sequence you will be unlocked Bunker 11 in COD Warzone.

After listening to the code you will have to interact with Code Phone 2, Code Phone 8, and Code Phone 0 in the same sequence. So this going to take you around the map. To make your job easy here is a guide for all Morse Code Phone Location from 0 to 9.

  1. Code Phone 2 – Lozoff Pass
  2. Code Phone 8 – Verdansk Hospital
  3. Code Phone 0 – Military Base

Visit the places to interact with the phone and then head to Bunker 11. The red light on the bunker door will turn green and now you can access this area. You can grab all the loots inside also checkout for the hidden room with a nuclear warhead. Just look for a broken wall, crouch, and bit the big shiny red button to remove the fog.

So here is how you can unlock Bunker 11 in Call of Duty Warzone. Stay tuned for more updates and tips on the game.