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COD Warzone All Morse Code Phone Location Guide

From 0 to 9

Struggling to find Morse Code phones in Call of Duty Warzone? Here is a guide for every code telephone location from 0 to 9. These phones ring a single Morse code and interacting them in sequence will help you to unlock Bunkers in COD Warzone. For example Bunker 11, which requires Number Station Code, the first objective is to find phone 0 that plays three codes in Russian. And then you will have to land on different zones on the map to interact with each phone in a sequence. So here is the map locations and screenshots of every code phone in COD Warzone.

COD Warzone Morse Code Location Guide

Follow the map screenshot below to locate the phones. I had used a custom map image to help you to reach the exact location of each Morse code phone.

Morse Code Phone 0 Location

COD Warozne Morse Code 0 Location

For Code Phone 0, land on Military Base. Follow the building in the above image and go on the top floor. The phone is on the desk on the right side of the door as you enter. This phone pings code 0.

Morse Code Phone 1 Location

COD Warozne Morse Code 1 Location

  • Near Verdanks Stadium – Center West

Just near the stadium land on the road at the entrance of the building on the left side. The entrance door has two lions statues, behind the first column on the right at the ground floor there is a room. It has some screens and a computer. Code Phone 1 is on the left of the computer.

Morse Code Phone 2 Location

COD Warozne Morse Code 2 Location

  • South West of Quarry – North of TV Station.

Land in the Lozoff Pass area on the south of Military Base. Land on the small block marked on the map above, a building which is some kind of store. Code Phone 2 in on the first floor, there is one more at the ground floor at the front desk. Ignore it, and go to the first floor, room on the exact right of stairs. Look on the left corner for an office desk, you will find the phone.

Morse Code Phone 3 Location

COD Warozne Morse Code 3 Location

  • Extreme North West region.

The third code phone is in the Quarry region of COD Warzone. Inside the building on the extreme left side of Quarry, the phone is located in one of the rooms. If you are entering from the south left corner then jump into the window to enter the building. Turn right and walk straight to the room with a control room. Look at the keyboard on the console with two black phones. You will be able to use this phone.

Morse Code Phone 4 Location

COD Warozne Morse Code 4 Location

  • Extreme West – South West of Quarry.

On the east of the map in Block 18 land near the police station. From the entrance go to the first floor and turn left from the stairs. Keep walking to the corner until you spot a desk. The fourth code phone in place on the table.

Morse Code Phone 5 Location

COD Warozne Morse Code 5 Location

  • Center of Verdanks – South of Lozoff Pass

The fifth phone is the TV Station, enter from the south end of the building. The marker above shows the exact location of the office where the phone is. There is an entrance at the west corner, right in the line of the dome. Look for entrance with BCH4 written on the wall. Go in, walk straight, and take the first right. You will be in a huge room, which has a door to the office area. The phone is on the first table on the right wall.

Morse Code Phone 6 Location

COD Warozne Morse Code 6 Location

  • Airport – North East, South far to Dam.

Land into the Air control room in the airport region. There are multiple while phones, check everyone and you will find the sixth code phone.

Morse Code Phone 7 Location

COD Warzone Morse Code 7 Location

  • Airport – North East, South far to Dam.

In the same airport area there is one more code phone. If you are in the tower or near the tower and then jump and land towards the crash plane. Look for the door just behind it, enter this room take the stairs and the seventh code phone is on the table.

Morse Code Phone 8 Location

COD Warzone Morse Code 8 Location

  • East side of Stadium – North of Promenade East.

In the Southwest region of map look for Verdanks Hospital. Enter from the south as marked on the map, you will see a huge hospital name sigh. To the front desk and check the second phone on the front desk. It is the eight code phone in COD Warzone.

Morse Code Phone 9 Location

COD Warzone Morse Code 9 Location

  • Norther Corner – near Military Base.

For the last and final Morse code phone in Call of Duty Warzone, you will have to head to the extreme North-West of the map. Towards the DAM, follow the huge red pipe, the first one from the right. Below the pipe, on the right corner there is a small control room. There are two phones one on the front and the other the backside. The white phone on the back is the final ninth Morse Code phone in COD Warzone.

So this are all the code phones locations in COD Warzone, now you can visit them based on the three digital main code to unlock Bunkers in the game. Visit our COD Warzone wiki guide for more tips and tricks on the game.