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How To Unlock Blood Punch Ability In Doom Eternal

Blood Punch allows you to hit enemies as hard as possible causing really high damage in few seconds.

Blood Punch unlocks in Mission 2 Exultia of Doom Eternal. During this mission, you will unlock this amazing ability that gives you the power to cause really high damage just with a punch. The ability will be the only requirement during Khan Maykr boss fight, you will need Super Shot Gun which has Meat Hook attachment and Blood Punch. Both will be used to kill the boss, so it is best to unlock this one as soon as possible and learn to use it well. So let’s begin with how to unlock Blood Punch in Doom Eternal.

How to unlock Blood Punch in Doom Eternal?

After getting on Exultia in Mission 2, complete the following objectives. Rebuild the Celestial Locator. This main objective has two smaller missions they are – Location King Novik’s Chamber and Retrieve the Celestial Casing. Follow the objective marker and it will take you inside a chamber. This chamber has Blood Punch ability but there will be a ton of demons outside. So you have to clear them first and then walk towards the room with a huge statue and a compartment with ability locked in it.

Just walk around and grab the Blood Punch ability. It is a melee attack that offers you to deal extra damage. To perform Blood Punch you will need to refill Blood Punch meter by using Glory Killing. So you will need to perform multiple Glory Killings in order to refill the complete Blood Punch meter. Once done if you are playing on PS4, press R3 to perform a Blood Punch attack in Doom Eternal.

Blood Punch is an very strong attack, it can take down more than one enemy in a single hit. It is worth to refill Blood Punch meter and use it against some of the strongest enemies in Doom Eternal. So this is how you can unlock Blood Punch in Doom Eternal.