How to Unlock BFG-9000 Gun In Doom Eternal

By Raaj
3 Min Read

BFG-9000 is an amazing weapon in Doom Eternal. It will be unlocked during the campaign, and if you want to know how then this guide is for you. Using BFG-9000 you can take down the strongest boss easily, so this weapon is worth trying. BFG-9000 and Unmakyr are two weapons that share ammo, you can unlock both. Unmakyr can be unlocked after completing the first main mission Hell on Earth while for BFG-9000 you will need to progress to Mission 7 – Mars Core. This mission also has an Empyrean key that will help you to unlock Unmakyr. So let’s begin with Doom Eternal guide on how to unlock BFG-9000.

How to get BFG-9000 In Doom Eternal?

After Hell on Earth, you have to play more 6 missions to reach all the way to Mars Core. The seventh main mission in the Campaign. Mar’s Core has around 20 explorations and once you reach the final part of the mission, you have to shoot a hole in the Mar’s core. Completing this objective will reward you with BFG-9000 gun, but make sure you also grab the Empyrean key if you want the Unmakyr.

Doom Eternal Unlock BFG-9000

Both BFG-9000 and Unmkyr are strong weapons in Dooms Eternal, capable enough to make you unstoppable. You can shoot down big enemies in few bullets while BFG-9000 is capable enough to kill down the final boss in a few minutes. So you must try hard to reach Mission 7 of Dooms Eternal to grab BFG-9000 as the final reward of the main mission.

How to use the BFG-9000 Gun?

The weapon is strong enough to kill most of the demons in one shot. Yes, you are reading it right. Killing every demon in the arena with one single shot. Press R2 to launch colossal ball of energy that will generate deadly tendrils. This will posses nearby demons. Use this weapon in the nightmare mode and you will be most lethal Rebel in Dooms Eternal.

Compared to BFG-9000, the Unmakyr is too tough to unlock as it requires you to hunt down six Empyrean keys. These keys are unlocked by winning Slayer matches, and the arena where you play these battle are locked. You will require first to find the Slayer key. So things are all interconnected, but it is worth grinding. Once you have BFG-9000 with you, beating down bosses is piece of cake. However, BFG-9000 is a slow heavy weapon, so you have to take care of demons who are fast in terms of attack and mobility.